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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

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"Actively resisting the atrocities & Human Rights abuses of the Christian religion"
"Helping to build a better world simply because we are evolving, developing and maturing humans."
"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
More by JohnB - Living the final years of the Catholic Cover up

JohnB JohnB is a non-believing survivor of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic religious
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As one of many non-believing survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic religious I was prompted to this due to the failure of the press and Government to adequately respect our position rather that taking the 'Few Bad Apples' theory as the default theory behind the child abuse in the Catholic Church.

A part time hobby is showing up the frauds in the "Victim Industry" of which there are many to choose from.
I welcome debate and discussion on the lives of non-believing survivors and the availability of appropriate services for them as well as putting forward my view of the cover up and its operations.

Having had the unique experience of being raised in a Catholic environment as one of those condemned to a life of pain and suffering and a guaranteed place in hell for having spoken out against the abuses carried out against me as a child by Catholic clergy and the subsequent covering up activities of Catholic parishioners in the 1950s and 1960s. who blundered back into this quagmire in the 1990s only to find that there had been little progress from legal, human rights, justice perspectives.

Having attempted to follow the course of compensation set up by the Catholic Church and other Catholic support systems I chose to opt out due to the increasing risk of further harm and abuse at the hands of those claiming to speak and to act on my behalf.
I regularly engage with a range of survivors of similar abuses across the world and remain convinced that the core of the abuses is embedded in the teachings and the practices, the ethos and the reliance on belief without evidence.

The Catholic religion shows itself to be the most barbaric form of child abuse the world has encountered. The cover up in fact is the covering up for the reliance on myth and legend and on fantasy and fear that is supported by many in positions of power and authority throughout the country.

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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