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Lewis Blayse - a cultural phenomena

Description: Lewis Blayse exploring the universe


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Love to all

Dear all,

My Dad, Lewis, passed away last night. They think he had a heart attack.

To everyone who has supported his work and encouraged him in his fight against paedophilia, thank you. He was behind in his emails, but intended to respond to all who have sent messages of support.

Please watch ABC 24 tonight and the rerun of “The Homies” on Four Corners at 8pm.

I will post again when I have details about his funeral, for those who would like to attend.

With love,


[Postscript: Dad believed that when we die, we become a pure beam of light energy, unrestricted by time or space. He told me that when it was his time, he was looking forward to exploring the universe.]

A resistor against the culture of betrayal

Today the life of a warrior who resisted the culture of betrayal ended and began the journey of returning back to the universe from where the molecules that made up Lewis will blend with the universe again as a part of the star dust that had the good fortune to come together to allow his existence.

When your life experience has been one of betrayal; betrayal at every level of family, community, society, policing, commerce, health, law, politics, government and religion you get to find it impossible to trust. Lewis found it extremely difficult and perhaps impossible to trust those many systems and at times the systems of the Royal Commission.

I did not know Lewis other than from his writings over the past year or so and from a few emails discussing ideas and opinions on the many different aspects of the cultural abuse and betrayal that we were all trying to come to terms with and to address.

I did not know Lewis on any personal level, however I knew Lewis from a cultural perspective and from the perspective of someone who has and continues to experience the culture of betrayal at every level of society while clinging to the one thread of hope offered after a lifetime of the culture of betrayal that the Royal Commission under Justice Peter McClellan is in the process of investigating.

When you understand even a small part of this it can become quite daunting and fearful when you find yourself in a circumstance that carries all the hallmarks of the abusers in your life.

The stress of having to personally manage the process while attempting to determine if there is a suitable level of safety and protection for yourself and others on whose behalf you speak is fraught with risk and misunderstanding.

A clash of cultures

Being treated as a victim by a system that is based upon and has as a part of its being a reliance upon the same cultural blackmail used by those who abused you is a nuance that has been difficult for all parties to travel in their dealings with the Royal Commission. That can become even more difficult when your very survival has been welded into your psyche that survivors survive, victims die.

Meeting the rigidity of the presiding law can quite easily result in a standoff such as the one Lewis found himself in. Having to become a victim again was something he was not accustomed to.

The shame and sadness that comes from knowing that he had come so far and had had to fight so hard to simply survive in that toxic environment is a credit to his personal drive and ambition to see that the toxic culture that abused him and the many others he saw being abused reached those in authority. Added to that were the many personal stories that he had listened to from many other survivors; these were essential information in his eyes that needed to be conveyed to the Royal Commission.

A man who stood for children, the oppressed and the abuse and against social destruction by the prevailing failed culture of the Christian religion.

Lewis Blayse died at the current coalface of that cultural clash; a cultural clash with the highest authority of the very culture that had betrayed and robbed him of his childhood, betrayed and robbed him of his right to self determination and the right to be unencumbered so as to be free to hold a world view that provided him with the ability to see the world affording proper safety and protection for children and proper treatment and justice and safety for survivors.

Lewis did not get to live a single moment of his life free from the overriding influence of the cultural beliefs and fantasies of others. For those others he will remain a victim. For those of us who remain alive he is and will remain a survivor.

Survivors lost a dedicated and hard working person who saw value in rights and freedom for children, he saw value in people the culture had exploited, abandoned and trodden on and he stood up willing to take it up with any authority he met.

When inflexibility and a lack of understanding and knowledge meets inflexibility and a lack of understanding and knowledge in a contest of survival the individual carries the greater degree of risk. The stakes are highest for the lone survivor.

I saw Lewis as a man who had accepted that there were risks and like all of us we wonder if it will eventually take our lives before we find away to inform the right others of the dangers he and those he stood up for faced as children and to describe the trail of horror, betrayal and tears that dogged them throughout their lives as a result of the senseless and futile needs of others to appease their gods, their superstitions and their fears.

I don't know in detail what Lewis believed in, however from the little I did know him I did get to learn that he did not believe in the bundled packaging of the Christian god as sold to us by the many varieties of religion and their absolute intrusion right into the heart of the investigation process through having a bible based on psychological torture, while authenticating slavery, incest, child abuse and worse into the very culture on which the Royal Commission has been built and operates.

We learned a great deal from his words and we can also learn from his mistakes just as the Royal Commission must through providing a level playing field through removing the authority, power and presence of Christendom from this investigation so that the environment that we all can share are based upon the principles of fairness and equality to all free from the constructs and constrains of a entirely implausible religion.

When considered the idea of being presented into a place where the cultural icon of one particular religion is given a status of authority over the Royal Commission it certainly does not give me the feeling of equal ground or equal respect. It does not treat the individuals knowledge and memories they bring with them with the dignity and respect they deserve as human beings. This dignity and respect cannot come filtered through the bible of the Christian religion wherein the cause of the abuses has its origins and authentication.

Whatever mistakes have been made in the battles so many have been engaged in they are mistakes that we must learn from; both survivors and the Royal Commission.

The celebration of the life of Lewin Blazevich will shine long in our memories as we move forward on the same task of stripping away the toxins which have enabled the abuses he and so many others have had to endure.  He will remain a warrior and a hero for many for however long the journey of establishing a culture that honors its children before its gods takes.

This culture of child abuse is ending at long last, the reality is that more of us will die before that culture will eventually release its toxic grip on the minds and bodies of children so that we can move forward in a child friendly and child safe environment.

What made Lewin a man whose memory will stand above popes and prime ministers, above cardinals, bishops and religion, above politics and police where he stood above magistrates, prelates and priests proudly standing with the one distinction that overrides them all;
Lewin Blazevich no matter what his mistakes on this one he stood like any reasonable man or woman should, he stood firstly for the rights of truth, justice and children.



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