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Dylan O'Donnell BInfoTech, MInfoTech (C.Sturt) and Child Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy

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Dylan O'Donnell BInfoTech, MInfoTech (C.Sturt) and Child Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy



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Thanks Dylan for your response.

Just to help out with resources in these dire financial times would you advise ACMA at the same time that these emails are exempt from the SPAM act as they are sent as a part of a Community Awareness drive with regard to both politics and religion. You could also advise them that your email address does not exist in any opt in or out subscriber base.

That should save the precious resources and time of those who find people like yourself to be so sick in some manner that they would respond as you have done in the light of the horrific abuses carried out against children by Catholic clergy.

While that aspect on its own should be enough there is a continuing stream of evidence being presented that shows how mentally confused Catholics have been duped into supporting both financially and politically the covering up of these crimes and the subsequent denial of justice that brings into our society. This causes Australia and each and every tax payer to become responsible for the molestation of children and the human rights abuses carried out against them for the rest of their lives.

That evidence includes many affected Catholics and believers in their form of rape protection undertaking spurious and pointless acts against those bringing the light of day onto these crimes and more importantly pointing out and wherever possible identifying the individuals in society who will distort whatever it takes in their attempts to control, silence or to denigrate those of us who have been abused over and over again by foolish people like yourself who obviously have more than just cognitive issues to deal with due to the obvious need for some balance with regard to your moral compass.

It seemed to me that you may have experienced some form of moral outrage no matter how misguided that turns out to be; this may have lasted an hour or so or perhaps even a day - poor you. Poor, poor unfortunate you who has to put up with people speaking the truth and attempting to make this a better place so that children can run and play safely anywhere in our society.

It is obvious that these aspects have yet to cross your mind or perhaps they have in the past and you have rejected them as being out of step. Gladly today I can point out to you that it is you who is out of step with society.

I have taken the liberty of publishing this at Dylan-ODonnell-BInfoTech-MInfoTech-(C.Sturt) where it will remain until you can demonstrate to me that you have remodelled your moral compass so that you can become an acceptable fellow human being in our society who understands that the safety and the protection of children come before the wants and the delusions of Web developers, Gods, Churches, religions, their buildings, their business,their corporate possessions and their grip on the minds of those they have successfully inculcated into aiding and abetting them in their pursuit of child sexual sacrifices to their god.

It is an advance in society when I can freely speak my mind to people like yourself about these horrible matters and to at the same time urge you to seek out professional assistance to help you gain the above understanding as it is obvious that that part of your humanity is missing at the moment..


Dylan O'Donnell BInfoTech, MInfoTech (C.Sturt)

On 12/11/2012 9:04 AM, Dylan O'Donnell (zen10) wrote:
I have reported your emails to ACMA before and I will do so again now. I have requested you stop sending them before. 
Unsolicited emails without an opt-out facility are illegal. 
Recent Example :
"Tiger Airways has been hit with a $110,000 fine for continuing to spam customers after they unsubscribed from marketing emails.
An investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority(ACMA) has found the airline failed to remove customers despite their repeated requests."

Kind Regards,
Dylan O'Donnell BInfoTech, MInfoTech (C.Sturt)

1300 477 121 (Local Call - Australia Wide)

On 16/04/2004, at 9:07 AM, <> wrote:

Christianity, God, Jesus and company are the core of the world's greatest social failure adversely damaging more than half of the global population while directly polluting the entire global population.

In country after country entities such as the catholic church influence decision and policy makers at every level of society and is accorded a bewildering and confusing status considering that it has been shown to be involved in staggering scales of human rights abuses, social repression, kidnapping, child trafficking, mental imprisonment, child sexual abuse and more while demanding the privilege of operating and enforcing their own legal systems and doctrines based on threat and intimidation and guilt within the confines of each country in which it operates the many parts of the largest corporate tax haven human kind has ever experienced.

The global issue of the sexual abuse of children and the comprehensive failure of the Catholic church to be able to psychologically connect its primitive myth based culture with that of those it has abused and others in society is an obvious display of its ignorance,arrogance and social failure. The glaringly obvious and continuous failure of this social sickness still considers it has a divine right to inculcate new generations as it has traditionally done in the past.

The Catholic church and Christianity remain oblivious to our growing understanding of what it is to be a human being permitted to be raised and nurtured in a safe and protective environment free of the blackmail and the life threatening bribery laying at the core of its broken doctrines and teachings.

The Catholic culture that once predominated our society has been shown to be populated with liars and fraudsters, with child abusers and social manipulating psychopaths unable to relate to the harm they cause those they seduce and deceive. Today the Catholic culture is shown to be an abusive cult bent on its own glorification and greed.

Humanity is moving on past the pathetic and impotent devils and the gods of history with or without the members of religion.

It is no longer the case that religion can take the high moral ground through claiming that non belief is a mental health condition requiring re-inculcation back into an obviously abusive environment; an environment that is openly shown to the most toxic pustulated plan to fail that humanity has ever encountered.

How many of our human rights advocates, magistrates and judges, police officers and politicians, health, education and community providers are labouring under the delusion and the fraud that these atrocities are simply a few mistakes made by a few bad apples.

There is no proper place and there will never be proper place in the future for these primitive human sacrifice cults until they can develop and mature along with the restof humanity.

The need for governments to take control and to regulate has become critical in many areas. There is a need for governments to legislate to protect the populations from the obsessions of the deluded.

Many are yet to comprehend that the tipping point for this change has already occurred and is escalating at an ever increasing rate for each and every day that the Catholic church fails to express its claim of good works onto the survivors of childhood sexual abuse by its clergy and onto others abused and injured by its failed philosophy.

The real cost to an individual survivor for the lifetime they have had forced onto them must be valued in the tens or perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars. That is to say that if the Catholic church were to be able to appropriately and fairly pay out each victim a sum that would appease the rest of society and would set the catholic reputation on a pedestal now stands in excess of $10 million per victim.

Such is the price today for them of a global get out of jail free card with the cost growing each financial quarter.

Today it is the case that non believers, scientists, psychologists,criminologists, critical and rational thinkers and researchers, human rights and child advocates through to loving and caring mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles along with those millions who have shed the shackles of the exploitation and the horrors of organised religion are standing up in all aspects of society demanding an end to these cultist systems until they can provide validated evidence for their claims that can pass the most stringent of tests we can develop as today their claims are simply laughable in the face of the reality of their failures.

The future for the Catholic church as a moral, social, and political force is finished.

The only unknown is how long will it take for it to die and how many will it maim, injure and kill before it is forced to concede to the reality of its actions and the futility of its claimed connections. The connections of the church are simply with pedophiles, their enablers and protectors and any that they can deceive and manipulate as no human being with a hint of an understanding of moral and ethical behaviour would want to be associated with criminals of this kind.

Where will your children be educated in 2013?


John A Brown
Toowoomba QLD

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It has been an honor and a privilege to provide more than 20 years of availability to those who seek further information on the reality of the global clergy abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic and other religions.

Contact me if you need assistance in locating specific pages or if you or someone you know sees the importance of keeping these pages active by assisting in keeping the full access to the sites information available to the general public.

It has been an honor and a privilege to provide more than 20 years of add free availability to those who seek further information on the reality of the global clergy abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic and other religions.

Contact me if you need assistance in locating specific pages or if you or someone you know understands the importance of keeping these pages active by assisting in keeping the full access to the sites information available to the general public.


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A lack of denial is a terrifying thing to encounter by those still immersed in hiding from their own failings.

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