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Open letter to Australian Catholics

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Open letter to Australian Catholics



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Body text: Support victims and survivors of the Catholic sex abuse cover up in 2012 by giving them one year in their life where they can safely and openly obtain community support like any other Australian.




Open letter to Australian Catholics

October 4, 2011

re: Carelink and the role of Susan Sharkey and the suicide of victims

The suicides of so many are at issue - the greater issue is to bring awareness to survivors everywhere that currently they face a genuine risk of suicide whenever they deal with the church.

Holland, Belgium, Canada, Ireland all experienced this same phenomenon. The highest risk is where the highest contact is with the toxic church systems. Where the most vulnerable, the most naive and the most damaged people come into contact with a dogmatic church is not about religion; it is about power and control.

The church has no way of dealing with those within these processes who have lost faith or belief or those who are unwilling to be abused by the same failed religious notions that disempowered them as children. This differential immediately places the survivor in the role of victim as they must firstly be assessed on religious grounds (the same religious grounds used to asses our cases as children is still applied today) - the non believer or doubter or simply those who have founds a means to protect themselves from the deception of religion can not be catered for by the church as the church view of them is that while they hold this view the victim is heading for hell and the greater resistance the 'victim' puts up the greater the belief that hell is their deserved place.

This is the mindset of those set the task of dealing with survivors of clergy abuse in the Melbourne process. That coal face or point of contact is done by Susan Sharkey. This is her job and like the rest of us there is the right of choice in employment available to all of us.

When you find yourself as the point of contact in a system that has been shown to have failed in all areas on a global scale, when you find yourself as the administrator in a system that is responsible for the suicides of an ongoing disproportionately high suicide rate and you choose to come to work each day to continue with that work then you have clearly made your choices. No matter the religious dictates morals etc cited as excuses the fact remains that Susan Skarkey takes on the role on a daily basis of the most toxic and life threatening danger to all who have contact with it.

It seems that the life of a non believer and the lives and the effects on family are not as important in the overall scheme which must have a different agenda, an agenda that has no concern for the loss of life and has no concern for the harm and damage inflicted and has no concern for their involvement and actions within this toxic mix.

When you get up in the morning and continue in such work and continue to fail and to put at risk through your actions those whom you simultaneously state you are attempting to assist then your hypocrisy needs to be exposed and your thinking and your morals need to be questioned.

Were this a new phenomena there would be a need to put down point and argument - that the problem is current, ongoing and producing psychological trauma, suicides and family destruction as a result of the daily work processes of Carelink and those who work there can only be said to be the result of some form of delusional psychopathy.

Susan Sharkey has a choice to make and that is she can support the victims instead of making survivors into victims and putting them at risk of suicide or she can support the church developed system that does result in suicide and trauma for those she touches in any way.

That is is her job is no defense. No person of conscience or reason would continue with these practices in  light of the consistent and ongoing results.

The role Susan Sharkey consistently chooses to take of bullying and intimidating her victims as a means of overcoming the shortfalls of the system she represents must be bereft of any morality or ethics and must be in a spirit that excludes all notions of human rights and equality.

Susan Sharkey along with those others who undertake the toxic role of Carelink must each stand condemned for their participation in the suicides of more than 26 fellow human beings. These are not the actions of supportive people, these are clearly the actions of deeply affected and psychologically damaged people acting out the role a bizarre and dysfunctional role of a psychopath.

The Melbourne process and Carelink should be immediately closed due to the unacceptably high risk of suicide and psychological harm it produces.

The right to plead a right to practice a religion or the right of freedom to practice a religion is forfeit when the lives of those it touches are put in danger let alone be the cause of so many suicides.

Survivors across the world should be made aware that dealing with such church systems is a direct risk to their life.
Survivors everywhere that currently deal directly with the church systems face a genuine risk of suicide due to people like Susan Sharkey.


Let them be equal to you in 2012

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