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The Clergy Abuse Survivors Handbook

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The Clergy Abuse Survivors Handbook

Description: The Clergy Abuse Survivors Handbook - The CASH

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 ACSJC: Australian Catholic Corrupted Social Justice Counsel.

A Few Bad Apples: The Catholic Church.
Apoplectic Catholic: A Catholic dutifully outraged at 'the anti-Catholic rhetoric' while at the same time having the ability to not recognize the outrage at the sexual abuse of children.
Apologizing Catholic: "Rape. Its a part of my religion".
Angry Catholic: A defender of the indefensible.

Baja 1000 Molested Catholic: Ken Kosiorek
Bible quoting Catholic: A fraud.

Bishop: The most highly trained of the catholic church - just learning in 2010 that the sexual abuse of children is a crime.

Blogger of Catholic Crimes: Kay Ebeling - the City of Angels Lady. "The City of Angels Lady is everywhere".

Blessed Catholic: Highly skilled in 'mental reservation' and a long history of social corruption.

Breathtaking stupidity: Obedient Catholic.

Breeding Catholics: Bringing you the next generation of repressed deniers and sexual abusers.

Cardinal: An even more highly trained member of the Catholic church who is psychologically removed from human decency. Fully trained psychopath.
Carelink: A collective of psychologically harmed and harming individuals.
Catholic Apology: Insincerity at it finest. : "We did it. We only did it a little bit and if only the government gave us more money we would be able to do it some more."
Catholic Bigot: RFC Contract Cleaners of Toowoomba Queensland Australia for the following email:"On 19/12/2010 2:52 PM, RFC Contract Cleaners wrote:
Dont email me again so fuck off you piece of athiest shit . I'm a catholic and the religion is not bad. If you keep tell people about your experiences you must have enjoyed it."
Catholic Business Ethics: [This space intentionally left void]
Catholic Church Service: Exploitation at, of and in the masses.
Catholic Charity: Government funded promotion of religion through biased service provision. *Services not available to clergy abuse survivors as they are sinners through disclosing.

Catholic Clergy Abuse Survivor: Someone who sinned by disclosing the crime.

Catholic Clergy Abuse Victim: An individual experiencing repeat pastoral and psychological abuse through church provided services. May also be a member of a Catholic clergy abuse support group experiencing the same.

Catholic Child Safety Training: Hide the pedophile priest.

Catholic Common Sense: Rare

Catholic Canon: Religious laws dealing with civil crimes.

Catholic Connection: Directly to God.

Catholic Education Service: Extending the cover up with taxpayer funding.

Catholic Ethos: Pay Prey & Obey.

Catholic Homily: Baffling bullshit.

Catholic Infallibility: If you say it often enough.

Catholic Joke: Catholicism as a force for good in the world.

Catholic Messenger: The culprit.

Catholic Homosexual: An oppressed segment of society on the basis of their sexuality.

Catholic Human Rights: Only available to those who believe.

Catholic Peace: Believe as I do or die.

Catholic Pedophilia: A test of faith.

Catholic Politician: Someone who swears they do not allow their religion to influence their decision making.

Catholic Psychiatrist: Someone who can only find a clergy abuse survivor to be deceitful and insane.

Catholic Psychologist: Confused person.

Catholic Theology: Knowing the answer you want and setting out to get there with Biblical truths.

Catholic University Education: Excellence in obfuscation, mock shock and horror, deviation, denial, minimization and cover ups.

Child Advocate: Someone directly opposed to the Catholic church.

Confession: A place where if you fessed up to it you realize it is a con.

Compassionate Catholic: A supporter and enabler of pedophile priests.

Cradle Catholic: Outstanding example of the need for a minimum joining age for all religions.

Collapsed Catholic: In shock at the scale of the abuses.

Credibly Accused: Confined to those who have been convicted and sentenced.

Excused Catholic: Excused for not thinking.

Educating for rape. A traditional Catholic education

Emancipated Catholic: Free of the religious pox.

Excommunicated Catholic: Someone who spoke the truth at least once.

Financial Catholic: a) an integral part of the cover up. b) an integral part of the cover up. c) an integral part of the cover up.

Faithful Catholic: Strong believer in the "Return to your abuser" mentality.


Good Catholic
: Someone who can only see the problem in others.

Honest Catholic: Biblical impossibility. Likely the next person to deceive you.

Healthy Catholic: No valid definition available.
Independent Commission: Operated by and answerable only to the Catholic church. ref: The Independent Commissioner

Independent Psychologist: Atheist psychologist.


Just Catholic
: Biblical impossibility II

Kiddy Fiddling: Priestly recreational duties.

Lapsed Catholic: Retained for statistical purposes only.

Left Handed Molested Catholic: Ken Kosiorek

McBang: Molested Catholic with a gun.

McBang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang: Molested Catholic with an automatic gun.

Mature Catholic: *see excommunicated catholic

Mental Reservation: Lying without lying.

Mother Superior: Favorite sexual position of celibate clergy.

Molested Catholic: A person who is generally abused by deceived Catholics when speaking their truth about the crimes, the criminals and child safety to the world

Molested Catholic Website: A psychological outlet. It is better to express your outrage in words rather than resorting to guns, bombs and bullets.

New Atheist: Excommunicated thinking, realistic ex catholic.

Nuremburg Catholic: I am only doing my job.

Nuremburg Catholic Solicitors: I am only doing my job and besides I help them make their crimes appear to be legal and that earns me a lot of money. I am not here to protect society or its children, I am here to protect the best interests of my clients. If that happens to be the Catholic church and their best interest is in protecting their money then I will sell my and society's soul for my own personal benefit. Live reference: Corrs, Chambers Westgarth

Nunnery: A place for funnery with a PP

Outraged Catholic: Angie.

Papal Nuncio
: An incorrect translation of the Latin Duncio.

Papal State: A pretend political entity hell bent on dominion over all.

Pope: Pedophile protector No. 1.

Pointed Catholic: Priest with an erection on lookout for children.

PP: One who gives guidance about your sins while being incapable of dealing with their own.

PP: Partly Pedophile

PP: Pedophile Protector

PP: Practicing Pedophile

PP: Used by pedophile clergy to sexually abuse children

Practicing Catholic: Someone not yet fully skilled in covering for the sexual abuses and the exploits of Catholic clergy.

Prayful Catholic: Snake oil salesperson.

Presbytery: A place to sexually abuse in secret

Prolific Catholic: A specific breeding line of deluded abusers.

Proud Catholic: A certifiable state or condition.

Publicly Accused: Invalid if accusation is made by victim of the accused.


Queer Catholic
: An all believing, non questioning Catholic.

RCC: Rapist, Collusive & Criminal

Seminary: Where pedophiles obtain amnesty and education on exploitation.

Secular Catholic: Bipolar sufferer.

Transparent Catholic: Not scientifically possible.

The Bishops Fund: Large financial resource used to bribe and buy silence.

The Roman Catholic Hierarchy: A new breed of Organized Crime/Mafia Society

The full Catholic Expression of Freedom of Religion: The ability to sexually abuse without the need of a cover up.

The Holy Mother Church: Common name for the world's largest known sexually abusive cult

The Holy Trilogy: Rape, repression and denial.

The Vatican: A monument to deranged psychopathic men built on the bones of murdered innocents and held together by rapist clergy and those they deceive into supporting them.

The Catholic Glue which holds the Vatican together: The semen of rapist clergy.

USCCB: Unnecessarily Secretive & Corrupt Community Blackmailers


"We did not know about it": Was repeatedly used by Nazi defendants at the Nuremberg trials.
Why can't we all get along: Because Catholic clergy and religious keep raping children

World's most despised Catholic: JohnB





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It has been an honor and a privilege to provide more than 20 years of availability to those who seek further information on the reality of the global clergy abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic and other religions.

Contact me if you need assistance in locating specific pages or if you or someone you know sees the importance of keeping these pages active by assisting in keeping the full access to the sites information available to the general public.

It has been an honor and a privilege to provide more than 20 years of add free availability to those who seek further information on the reality of the global clergy abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic and other religions.

Contact me if you need assistance in locating specific pages or if you or someone you know understands the importance of keeping these pages active by assisting in keeping the full access to the sites information available to the general public.


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A lack of denial is a terrifying thing to encounter by those still immersed in hiding from their own failings.

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