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Name: Mr John Brown

Email Address:

Postal Address: Toowoomba QLD 4350 Australia

Subject: re: A matter for the Church

Comment: Prime Minister,

You say the matter of an apology from the Pope and the sex abuse in the Church. You say these are matters for the Church.

I say that it is time for Labor to go when it remains silent and inactive on the 50+year coverup of the sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, when that silence and inaction are a part of and continue the coverup of those abuses.

The people who taught so many of us, the people who instructed us and held hell fire and brimstone and offered eternal salvation and stood out above the moral crowd and berated us with righteousness, bullied us with excommunication and eternal damnation was in fact maintaining and operating a coverup which spans the globe. That the coverup ran so smoothly for so long shows the depth of the influence and the extent of the social manipulation the Church has enforced on all of us Australians and those in other countries.

Quite simply Prime Minister it is a matter for the State and Federal Governments when the leading light of Christianity is accused in every country in which it operates of the covering up of the sexual abuse of children by its clergy and of the manipulation of governments and the population in order to maintain that coverup.

This quite simply is not a matter which can be again passed back to the Catholic Church. It is enough that your government pours billions into the coffers of the church and you immediately direct all our social ills through the Catholic operated Carelink and many other Catholic operated services. There is no escape in our society for those who abhor this insanity  as there is no escape from the extent of the reach of the Catholic Church aided and supported with taxpayers money. Most taxpayers find the notion of their money being poured into an entity which globally has kept silent and hidden for 50 or more years the fact that their clergy were sexually abusing children and that Churches were covering it up and the resultant human rights abuses over those years (is both abhorrent and criminal.)

50 and more years of the Church bullying its way through the legal system of our country and using it as a means to successfully maintain the coverup of the crimes, their extent and their harm - two obvious results are the globally similar evidence and statute of limitations laws found across the same spectrum as the Catholic church. To say that Democracy was not blocked and harmed from that would be to define for the world a new state of denial.

Do we get to hear yet again the harping cries of bishops and their supporters to protect the good name of the church through the cry of of anti-Catholocism and a whole host of other mock outrages. Do we get another - Oh 'we are sorry' or a few more 'if only we had known's. Some could perhaps offer to speak once again in a "hypothetically theoretically speaking" manner and a look to heaven with upraised palms saying 'we are doing everything possible'.

It is evident and obvious to say that the Catholic Church as an entity is the most socially and sexually dysfunctional body on the planet and still we we have it providing a large part of our social services. Its obsessions over every infinitesimal aspect of sexuality and reproduction are repetitively and most often wrong in social and health areas.

If as a part of that coverup we were encouraged to hand those matters back to the Church just as the Church wanted it - so it could keep a lid on the issue we would and did become good Catholics - that is just what many of us did. Unknowingly and unwittingly playing our part in the coverup of the clergy abuse. Good Catholics eventuated as those who were best at covering up and best at keeping silent or best at saying"That is a matter for the Church, look at all the good work we do - if only the government gave us more money".

When you did as instructed you became a "good Catholic". That was the reward. Silence and coverup were traded and rewarded. Many still believe that they have acted in the best interests of the Church. Even though their intentions were the best, the sought after outcome was the covering up. That best interest was and substantially remains today the coverup, the minimisation of the social effects and the resultant denial that these circumstances should warrant the attention of our governments and our leaders due to the massive influence this has and still has on us as a society.

Crimes considered to be the signature of debased and worthless beings, of heathens and unbelievers were the actual crimes of the church. Perhaps the greatest crime spree against the children of humanity and it is not a problem for our government. If our governments are to have us think this is a matter for the Church and that we should spend time and our money building up the coffers of the Catholic Church through arrangements such as Carelink then we have the right to know.

Millions Kevin. Millions of children world wide deceived and preyed upon by the people we are pouring billions of our taxpayer dollars into. They have no global policy in regards how the Church should respond. They are incapable of producing one. Millions upon millions of us deceived and defrauded in order to cover up the abuses and we get no response from our government either.

Just as you casually and unthinkingly did as you had been so well taught you handed the problem back to the people who were covering itup and just as we had all so obediently been duped to believe we thought we were doing the right thing.

So far the leading light of Christianity since the disclosure of this coverup has spoken on just about every act of intercourse wherever and whenever it occurs - it appears to want to be involved to that degree in our sexual lives - it has apologised and continued on, nothing has changed the minimisation and the silence continue on. It has shown only that it is incapable of responding appropriately.

We obviously have a failed Church; the question is are we to also have a failed government at the same time.

The issues are these crimes and the billions of our dollars you pour into such a broken system. They can only be wasted dollars as it will only have to be put right somewhere down the line and the people get to pay yet again. The social cost of doing nothing under these circumstances is staggering to say the least. The cost in human misery can only grow with piecemeal and patchup responses from our governments.

It surely is not a big thing to grip that if you run your own education system and a part of the curriculum is to be a good Catholic and being a good catholic also means that you in reality assist in the coverup of the sexual abuse by Catholic clergy and when you are being a good Catholic and you defend the good name of the Church you are doing all that God could ask of you - when those actions also enable and assist in the coverup of the extent and the impacts of the abuses we see how harmful this deception has been. When we see the global extent of it we get to see how its effects are world wide and how socially detrimental they are.

September 1st has been set as a date for the Catholic Church to put forward its Australia wide policy on how it intends to deal with the issue of the sexual abuse of children by its clergy and the coverup eminating from it.

Naturally your support is expected else questions many people would like answers to will continue to come to the fore.

Is our country going to continue to pour billions of taxpayer dollars into such a broken Catholic system?

Is our country going to continue to provide Health, Education, Community and Social services to the people of Australia through a broken Catholic system?

Are the people of Australia expected to faithfully play their part in the coverup of the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church by us all saying again that this is a matter for the Catholic church?

Is the Labor government going to provide us all with an opportunity of justice and democracy or are we to get more silence, coverup, abuse, fraud, deception, the social decrepitude and the hell it all brings?

I feel that at the least I deserve clear answers and proper actions just as most Australians believe they have a right to know if justice and democracy are to be unavailable to each and every one of them.

John Brown

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