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Clergy Study USA
David Simpkin Salvation Army Prison Chaplain
300 tons
Clergy Study Australia
Church used 'blackmail, secrecy'
A survivor reflects on parallels-between-Spotlight-film-and-Ballarat
You were born belief free and immediately burdened
Marriage and Child Rearing
McClellan descends on the Vatican
the Catholic Church's performance at the royal commission is farcical
Sexual Assault and the Catholic Church
God, Thor, Mars, Wodin, Trauma and the Royal Commission
JohnB - Fwd: JohnB - Submission re issues paper 10 Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services
Only the crazed, mentally disturbed or socially unfit people support and protect the pedophiles and the church
On the issue of child abuse
Seems like Christianity has a problem!
People of conscience must take a stand for truth, justice, and the preservation of human rights
Estimated life span of current world dominating cult based belief systems
It is a parental responsibility towards your children
No moral and ethical person can justify the continuation of this social failure
Who are your peers?
Taking a Toll on the catholic church
Judy Courtin
Another call to the RC this am
Your Budget Redress Package
Copyright - Disclaimer - Terms
Thank you and please donate to assist with our cause
The most uninspiring meeting in my life
Ken and JohnB speaking on Healing
Joey and JohnB - Royal Commission Private Session
Why we call Catholicism toxic
From the Survivors Dictionary
Abbott intervenes after reports to the UN on torture
What time is it?
Ken Kosiorek
Don't tell me what to say!!
Give me a call!
Back in the old days of mates and protection
Don't ring me...!
The world is tired of War
More insults!!!!!
Report from Geneva
Dan Box expressing his obsessions yet again
Epidenial can bring you inner peace
The royal commission rang today
Obsessed and fixated
Royal Commission asking for more to come forward
Survivors Helping Survivors
It is always a sad day when
Royal Commission Quick Find for Case Studies
Public Supporters
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Human Nature Research
Community Awareness
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Our Methods - Science & Evidence
Being Heard on TV
Moments of Reason Recovery Project
Public Supporters
Advisory to Survivors of Clergy Abuse Dealing with the Royal Commission and Government Funded Support Systems
Public Appeal
re: Coming from Bishop Robert McGuckin and CEO director John Borserio Toowoomba Catholic Education
The Plan to Fail
re: JohnB - additional evidence for my submission to the Royal Commission
Lewis-Blayse Public Memorial Event March 1st
JB nearly JC
MC id=1012 - click here
Mike Horan as Member for Toowoomba South on Child Sexual Abuse
Evidence and the Royal Commission
Royal Commission and Survivor Focus
A brief content review of the web site
A brief critique of the web site on 13/02/2014.
You too can defect from the Catholicc Church
The JohnB Royal Commission Complaints Department on Facebook
The Right for Adults and Children to Freely Choose their own Beliefs Statement
Reporter got it wrong: JohnB
It's Not Fair!
Mistakes, errors and oversights at the Royal Commission
Another week at the Royal Commission and Child Abuse
Where is the evidence at the Royal Commission
Drawing a line
Concluding Observations Holy See CRC Unedited
Concluding Observations Holy See OPSC Unedited
Concluding Observations Holy See OPAC Unedited
Hypocrisy and deceptions of the Royal Commission
Lewis Blayse - a cultural phenomena
Will Anglicans get 3 "Our Fathers" from the Royal Commission
Thoughts on NSW police testimony
NSW Police fill Survivors with Joy
Justice Peter McClellan 28 / 1 / 2014
Survivor support and the Catholic cartel
A personal test for Royal Commissioners
JohnB - Why This All Happened? Rapist Child Abusing Religion
The Royal Commission is an unsafe place for children and survivors
The once mighty Catholicism now a failed culture
No-one answers for abuse failure
Why this all happened?
With Govt. providing more than $16bn per annum to Catholic enterprises
Kevin Rudd - Member for Griffith
An apology from Australians
The issue of sexual abuse by clergy and other associated with the Catholic Church
re: further to Prime Ministerial error
As an Australian Citizen
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia
My first 15 minutes as a good Christian
Australian press caught flat-footed by the UN
Survivors award Australian reporter
JohnB: The Australian
The Royal Commission, Child Abuse and Religion - New Directions in Child Abuse and Neglect Research
Why is such toxicity permitted in the Royal Commission?
Case Study 0
To whoever passes by
Christopher Pyne thinks there is a need to show “the significance of Judeo-Christian values to our institutions and way of li
John Brown - resend to Premier Peter Beattie
QLD gang members and the Catholic Church
Today's average 12 year old has in their head
Might this be an appropriate memorial for institutional abuse failure?
Are you considering a Catholic place of education for your child in 2014?
Ways Beyond Abuse
What could be worse than being abused by religion as a child?
Why will so many, especially Catholics, jam-pack their churches dressed in their best jewelry and clothing
Living the final years of the Catholic cover up
Pope’s PR, An Open Letter to The Boston Globe’s Lisa Wangsness
Kelso Lawyers questioned at the Royal Commission
The end is in sight. Never again just got real
Today - Specialising in the Catholic aspects of the abuses disclosed by the Royal Commission
Hostile Bitch reporting on the Royal Commission
Towards Healing Day 1 Hearing from the Survivors
Truth - The Gift that will keep on giving for Catholics
JohnB re: Should the Royal Commission investigate
JohnB - My Best of Towards Healing Reporting Australia
Betrayal of Trust - a few bad apples
Yet another slap in the face to Survivors
The Vatican - How should the World respond to the recent Vatican ploy?
Will Australia do it best?
It's great to be alive in a world able to listen
Vatican Goes Rogue on Child Sexual Abuse
Church donates funds to sexual abuse drama
How Australia is dealing with the global church and government abuse of children crisis.
The system is not impenetrable though it is in many instances impermeable
Are you a survivor or a victim?
I Sneered at
WANTED Children for Sexual Sacrifice to the Catholic Church 2014
Chris Meibusch Toowoomba
Royal Commission direction to Sharkey Recording - 2
Royal Commission direction to Sharkey Recording - 1
URGENT - Please verify if this is factual
McClellan Why?
How Far Does The Catholic Cover Up Go?
To: Annette Cunliffe JohnB - Re: Your email re the press
I would legislate that
Responding to Annette Cunliffe President of Catholic religious Australia
JohnB Australian Press Fails Survivors of Child Abuse
the pain will live on for Ingleburn's Hennessey
Twitter Challenge #FantasyFree #TowardsHealing #RoyalCommission
JohnB is a non-believing survivor of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic religious
The Catholic Cover Up Origins
On the Cover Up
Australian Federal Police Prayer
John Anthony Brown
Listed Support Services Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse site
Is this appropriate for this Royal Commission
Angela Shanahan It is for all of us who make up the church, not royal commissions, to right these wrongs
The Catholic Church Today and It's Future
The Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon re: The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
Dylan O'Donnell BInfoTech, MInfoTech (C.Sturt) and Child Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy
Human Rights Photo Competition 2012
Email - The Catholic Church Today and It's Future and a religious caller
Victorian Inquiry Submissions
Cognitive Development and the Mind of the Catholic Believer
A response to Bravehearts Reignites Call for Royal Commission
Bravehearts White Balloon Day is Catholic SPIN
Hetty Johnston rings Toowoomba re the missing 30,000 signatures on a petition - July 2012
Why the Victorian (Australia) State Government Parliamentary Inquiry Must and Will Fail
Trial documents Pedophile Priests in PA
Crusader Chronicles - Second Edition 10 March 2012 - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
Crusader Chronicles - First Edition 4 March 2012 - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
It's Not Just Men who are Exploiters and Abusers - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
Crusader Chronicles - First Edition 4 March 2012 - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
Nikki Wells ~ Survivors Australia - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
Nikki Wells (accountable) - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
Nikki Wells What is your motive - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
Another Support Con Job in Australia - PROJECT KIDSAFE FOUNDATION LTD
Fighting the BEAST 2011
Open letter to Australian Catholics
VOMIT on the Vatican by an EX Catholic
The Black Halo
Catholic Coverup in operation in the UK
Vatican Served Clergy Abuse Cover-up Lawsuit
Media massively over reported abuse in the Church
Test for Nora - Justice Now
Charities to support - ALL opposed by the RCC (Rapist Criminal Cult) Church
Why Have Government Officials Denied non Catholic Children Justice?
The pope's xmas message
RE: Private & Confidential - Diplomatic Immunity
Private & Confidential
Greenwashing or PR? Let the Reader decide!
Victim says Australian legal system corrupt
Child safety please help protect our children
Keep in mind there is no cure for paedophilia
Can You Hear Me
A conversation with Christopher Chambel (Chris Andrews) candidate for state youth elections into Parliament
Diplomatic Immunity
A conversation with Christopher Chambel candidate for state youth elections into Parliament
The Vatican is Damning It’s Pedophile Priests to Hell?
My hope for Egypt is
It's private - the school he wants to forget - is Kevin Rudd keeping a secret?
Hello my Lovely Child - you must read this
Apostolic Nunciature In Ireland
Bad Habits: Sex and the Catholic Church
The Conservative Media: Unfair and Unbalanced toward Clergy Abuse
The Tangled Web Tightens for the Vatican
Mothering in The Dominant Culture and 'Social' Services - exposing the scam
Legislation of INTERPOL member states on sexual offences against children
Morality and performance of duty are artificial measures that become necessary when something essential is lacking
THE residential school system story and all that goes with it is a far greater crime than the IMF story
JohnB on outlawing the Catholic church today
World Clock
Bill Zeller’s note:
Diplomatic Immunity - ''Molested Catholic'' Ticket DISMISSED!!!
Benefiting from the rape of children - just your average Catholic
Save the Children From Christianity
And why not add the Church and politicians to the list?
Daughter of a survivor
Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and Menace to Society
Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and Menace to Society
Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and Menace to Society
Exposing your child to a Catholic education can endanger their sexual safety
Stop The Missionaries Of Charity: Interview with Sally Warner – A Witness of 13 Years of Medical Negligence and Finan
World Child Abuse -- EXPOSED!!! USA
World Child Abuse -- EXPOSED!!! Australia
Which Religion/Belief System is the Most Violent?
Great statements and quotes
mutter darkly about anti-Catholic agendas and vendettas.
Nine websites contained sexually explicit images of young people 'whose precise age is reportedly difficult to determine', he
Why Survivor groups are not helpful
Frederick Brass
ATHEIST inside
And to sum that all up in a few words. It is all a fraud, it has been all along
No more Roman Rhetoric please!
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd defended the Catholic church's record on tackling child abuse within its ranks
Corrs Chambers Westgarth strikes a blow for the bishop from hell
Australian Foreign Minister places the law of the Catholic church above the laws of Australia
Memorial Fund Launched for memorial to 219 Dead and Forgotten Bethany Home Children, Buried in Shame and in Secret
Corrs, Chambers Westgarth
The Constitution Project
Look at all the good work we do says the Catholic church
IGFA Minutes of meeting 2010 May 28
The Clergy Abuse Survivors Handbook
Not in my lifetime!
US veteran subject of the shame of San Diego
The inner workings of a hierarchy with a sex offender mentality
Clergy sex victims challenge 8 Episcopal bishops
IGFA In Good Faith & Associates - a pox for clergy abuse survivors
The Pittsburgh (Pedophile) Diocese
The Real Scandal of Religion
Will trade for 2 Big Macs and a Pepsi
Please Forward to the Bishop Urgently
Austen Tayshus’s call to Tony Abbott
Australia's cultural heritage has been 'whitewashed'
Church can't keep pleading ignorance
Vatican US child sex abuse cases 'falling apart'
Toowoomba family forced to leave 'God's' city
When healing becomes hell on Earth
The Federation of Irish Societies in the UK have not Publicised this WHY? Where do they get thier funding from?
As you are aware the New Irish Statutory Trust Fund is to become Law and many Survivors do not wish this to happen!
Pedal for Prevention - bringing light to darkness
Corrective and Preventative Action Form
Get Voting
Sex Party calls for church abuse inquiry
Could this be something positive?
The world missed this genocide - Fighting for their identity
We propose that Pope Benedict and the Vatican:
To Whom It May Concern:
I posted the following in regards the clergy abuse issue here - you may like to add your own to this
Archbishop Denis Hart's pastoral letter, apologizing for the suffering caused by clerical sexual abuse, is too little too late
Wishful thinking or the right thing to do? - Call for church to come clean
On the issue of the sexual abuse of children by clergy
Survivor safety
Integrity in Ministry
Clergy Abuse - Asbestosis of The Soul
Priest betrayed us
Revolt on sex priest
40 Professors: 'Attacks' on Pope 'Unjust'
George Pell - This affects us all!
On the issue of the sexual abuse of children by clergy and the subsequent coverup
the title
On church & child safety from Angie
A political and religious ultimatum re the clergy sex abuse crisis
The leading light of Christianity is a pox upon the people : Priest faces additional 
sexual abuse allegations
Victims seek respite, church seeks coverup : Lawyer seeks files on all accused priests
Been lieing for months then : Archdiocese of Agana acknowledges Raymond Cepeda stripped of priesthood after
Pope Gets Teary Eyed in Malta? Try Living a Day in the Life of a Pedophile Priest Crime Victim
Feels so sad for the church : Pope Gets Teary Eyed in Malta? Try Living a Day in the Life of a Pedophile Priest Crime Victim
Minnesota Lawyers Set To File Lawsuit Against Pope, Vatican
Seven key facts about the Vatican, the Pope and child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy
Not child safe : Cardinal asked to step aside at D.C. Mass
Irish church: Pope accepts bishop's resignation
ANGLICAN CHURCH’S TRIAL : The corrupt Commissioner Peter O'Callaghan
'Claytons' independence : The corrupt Commissioner Peter O'Callaghan
Observational bias : The corrupt Commissioner Peter O'Callaghan
Could even be global : First Europe, then the US – now abuse claims sweep Latin America
EXCUSES EXCUSES : Learn how catholics excuse themselves from doing anything
Rape as a part of Catholic school curriculum : Germany faces up to sexual abuse after scandals at Catholic, other schools
The corrupt 'Independent commissioner' : 300 abuse cases, one defrocking
Heard it before : Pope promises action against clerical sex abuse
We only did it a little bit : Abuse victims to meet President
Is he Christian? Can he genuinely be independent? : Former justice to negotiate abuse settlements
God not doing so good : Clergy abuse scandal engulfs plans for Latin Mass at D.C. Basilica
Must be friends of George Pell : US, Mexican cardinals sued over priest sex abuse
Church leaps to avoid funding : Local book to aid Norwegian abuse victims
They are the victims again : Church's silence hurts Catholics worldwide
Radical writing on radical : The media appreciate dissident Catholics, just not the Church
Its the devil's work : Paprocki comment on clergy lawsuits still stings victims
Good pedophile protecting Catholic : More invective against a Connecticut bill
Did you really need to ask : Is the Church protecting sinners or criminals?
Should be in jail : Catholic group: Vatican official shouldn't be at Mass
Can you keep a secret - the bishop can : The Bishop's Silence - German Abuse Victim Accuses Catholic Church Of F
They are all extremists on abuse : New Springfield bishop called extremist on abuse
Even the Nazis : How the Nazis engineered a paedophile priests scare
Politics, sex and religion : Opportunity in Crises
Another one : Mexican man who says he was raped by priest files lawsuit naming Mahony, Mexican cardinal
BSE then cover your ass : Inside a Catholic how-not-to-molest-children class
Did the Earth move for you? : Iranian cleric 'blames quakes on promiscuous women'
'meaningful activity' Do you mean rape and coverup? : Ethics classes for non-religious schoolchildren
We already knew that : Bishops in Ireland seen as 'twisted, incompetent old men'
Thats my Catholic church : Sex inquiry cleric returns
Toowoomba. A religious pustule on the face of the planet : Parents angered by delay into inquiry of paedophile Gerart Vincent B
Thats not a stratergy - thats stupidity : Pope's Exit Strategy on Clergy Sex Scandal: Prayerful and Quiet
No yoedel but the Swiss can SPIN : Will Good News drive out Bad?
Just half a million - scum, pox : Doing my Vatican rag, Pts 1 & 2
Insurance the bad guys! : Diocese wants case in fast lane
Signed: Cardiinal Ratzinger [now Pope Benedict]
Many rapists and skilled exploiters led by the deceived : Pope says he leads a 'wounded and sinner' church
Not new in some circles : 'Fr Ted' priests replaced by child abuser image
Creative headline - short on info : Stop the hurt
1 for justice : Victim speaks about retired priest's arrest in sex abuse case
7 Steps to child safety - be aware Step 7
7 Steps to child safety - be aware Step 6
7 Steps to child safety - be aware Step 5
7 Steps to child safety - be aware Step 4
7 Steps to child safety - be aware Step 3
7 Steps to child safety - be aware Step 2
7 Steps to child safety - be aware - Step 1
7 Steps to child safety - 7 steps to preventing, recognizing and responding
7 Steps to child safety - What is child sexual abuse
7 Steps to child safety - 7 steps to protecteing our children
Dehypocritizing the church :Programs for the Molested Catholic at the University of San Diego to get us back into a productive
Bishop points the finger - hypocrite : Cuba's Cardinal Jamie Ortega says country is in crisis
On their own obviously : U.S. women continues fight against priest who was transferred to Mexico
What credibility? : Worst Credibility Crisis Since Reformation
Maybe a burining at the stake would be better : Brickbats for Pope Benedict
Somthing positive for a change : Out of the darkness and into the light
Positive child safety & protection : Looking at the world differently
This works : Seven steps to protect children from sexual abuse
Images of History, Images of Present: Clippings of 1st Anderson Win in MN, Graphic Art from 2010
Images of History, Images of Present: Clippings of 1st Anderson Win in MN, Graphic Art from 2010
Call it a fraud and a scam : Blame The Gays (And Other Children's Stories)
It is a fraud - that is the truth : Truth is the only cleansing agent for church and state
A congregation of abusers : Brazil priest detained after pedophilia accusation
Mums the word - the right word is 'criminal' : Avoiding the media
Beginning to see reality : Image of bishops is of 'twisted old men'
Your mission - provide access to children : Church Scandal Imperils Pope's European Mission
Church fails claims it is attacked : The media declare open season on the Catholic Church
Sifting through the garbage of the cathiloc church : New light on dark history reveals church's false gods
There was no apology to the survivors, nor to the Irish State for years of delay and denial
Atheist thinks more clearly than religious : Will Dawkins finally put an end to the Vatican's contract with Mussolini?
No shouts of Moral & Ethical issues here : The din of silent voices
A pox upon humanity : A 'Failed Papacy'? How Benedict XVI Got Into This Mess
Have you heard this before : A time comes when silence is betrayal
They bring death to the abused : The Catholic Church’s funeral
Perhaps the melbourne process as well : New Vatican rules threaten existence of Church's response team
Out of sight : CLOISTERED VICE
Somebody has to speak the truth : Parishioners back Father Scahill
Abuse Bill Isn't Persecution Of Catholics
A good part of the solution : A formula for restoring the Catholic church's credibility
Can you say it better? : Is the media to blame for Vatican bad press?
Oh Great! : Vatican says bishops should report sex abuse ...but nobody is obliged to report sex abuse under Maltese law
God's men agroping : Fr. Gus Brings STD to Seminarians, Fr. Mario Gives Exams for Undropped Testacles.
God's men agroping : Fr. Gus Brings STD to Seminarians, Fr. Mario Gives Exams for Undropped Testacles.
Can the Vatican read? : An Open Letter from Dr Hans Küng to the Catholic Bishops of the World
Needs some catholic equality here : Rabbi Gets Maximum Sentence in Molestation
Take schools out of the control of the Catholic Church : Rabbitte wants CAB to seize bankers' assets
Jesus had balls - what a whopper : To end Warr Acres church controversy, artist will modify crucifix
Bishops who live in palaces should not cuff kids : Bishop Mixa admits cuffing kids as wine and art bills come to light
Same old, same old : Abuses by Local Catholic Priests Boggle the Mind
No sexual abuse either : German court fines British bishop for Holocaust denial
Are you for or against child safety? : Sex abuse scandal tests Catholic's faith
Pub crawl, trawling for kids : Barhopping with the Archbishop
Got a light mate? : Threatens to burn Valletta Parish Priest alive
Excuse #21 : Mexican Bishop Blames TV For Child Sex Abuse
Only 5? : Five myths about the Catholic sexual abuse scandal
Australian Pollie shooting from the lip : Tony Zappia MP Federal Member for Makin
Ill-formed initially : Church in worst credibility crisis since Reformation, theologian tells bishops
Could only mean the Catholic church : No Escape
Ritual cannibalization : Pope urges faithful to do penance as calls for his removal gather force
Shady characters : Pope’s visit to Malta overshadowed by paedophile priest scandal
C'mon Barry : Where's the money?
Make em pay : Ireland Asks Church to Pay Half 1.4 Billion-Euro Abuse Bill
Turn the TV off! : Mexico bishop says porn, tv to blame for priest abuse
[[CENSORED]] : Dutch priest probed over child abuse, corruption
QUIT STALLING : No more excuses in church abuse scandal
Moral guidance needed : Church in disarray as Pope marks five years at the helm
After raping children : How the primate raped the Church
Save us from these nutters : The Catholic Church's 'suicidal strategy'
Good little pedophile : Cardinal praised bishop's silence over abuse priest
They did more than touch : Millions touched by church scandal: Poll
Condoms, Evolution, reconcile with Jews, Muslims, Native peoples and more .........
Sorry. But ... 'they are worth saving' : Secrets from the Devil's playground
Guam senators urged to move on Catholic church over child abuse
Now thats more Catholic : Shoot the messengers
What response? Oh, you mean another apology : Is church response ‘greatest treason’?
OPP reopens case of priest who fled Canada while facing sex charges
Offender Register
The nun from Pells' Hell : Abuse nun warns against amateur psychology
Vatican fails yet again : Priest accused of Florida abuse abandons new Italian parish
Hello Houston Houson are you there? : Cardinal hailed bishop for hiding predator priest: report
Probe shows 30 ‘abusive’ priests shuffled around globe, also to RP
Defending against the indefensible : Vatican moves to ward off fresh priest abuse scandal
More porky pies : Curia clarifies paedophilia statistics as Malta accused of high abuse rate
Nein the shrine : Benedict's birthplace vandalised
More good catholics at work : Brady is accused of 'delaying tactics' in High Court
Corrupt until the very end : Secret funeral for paedophile priest
Cathedrals to comedy theatre comes closer : Devastating report plays out on stage
MO on show : Pope World Court Trial? With Same Crime MO in Every City, Coverup Had to be Run by Guys at the Top
Pope World Court Trial? With Same Crime MO in Every City, Coverup Had to be Run by Guys at the Top
NEW EXCUSE FOUND - You're to blame
Seriously? : 'Halo has been tilted'
Pope Benedict and the Endless Sex Abuse Scandal
You have not got it yet : Justice a long time coming for Maltese clergy abuse victims
Pay their fares as well : Pope May Meet With Pedo-Priest Abuse Victims … If He Has Time
What can you say to that! : World Citizen: The Vatican Fiddles While Rome Burns
Giving Muslims a bad name : Mufti: Church abuse scandal can hurt all faiths
Beatles beat Gallileo by 480 years : Ringo Starr, Parish Priest Rebuff Vatican
From Broken Rites Australia
Country count
A rambling collection of notes
Big on sin, big on guilt. Not so big on confession
Shuffle another Catholic pedophile : Priests accused of abuse shuffled around globe
Forgotten boys speak up
Now they plead 'insane' : Dementia raised in child rape case
Bishop baffles with bullshit : School sex scandals never again
Its hard to get good help these days : Helpline priest falls asleep during suicide call for help
From the mouths of pedophile enablers ; US Bishops Offer 10 Tips to Protect Youth
DUH! : Local Catholic priest accused
Not the Russians as well : Having Moved Against Church Liberals, Patriarch Kirill Now Moves Against Conservatives
Nosedive is more like it : Vatican climbdown over sex abuse remarks by senior cardinal
Bring back the guillotine : France Condemns Vatican for Blaming Abuse on Gay Priests
There is no better target than this : Swiss plaintiff targets church over inaction on paedophiles
Arrest the pedophile protector : Protesters Target Pontiff's Travel Plans, Threaten Arrest
The Pedophile Priest image : Vatican struggle to save its image may be too late
I Lived in a Car in L.A. with a Teenage Daughter and Survived to Write About it, Part 3
I Lived in a Car in L.A. with a Teenage Daughter and Survived to Write About It, Part 2
I Lived in a Car with my Teenage Daughter on the Streets of L.A. and Survived to Write About It, Part 1
A good start : 'It's my hope that this crisis will jolt us into humility'
Feel the full weight of international law : U.N. Jurist Calls for Pope to be Tried in International Court
Obey the Law - Well just one for now : Bill forces bishops to report sexual abuse cases
That makes good sense : Extend Statute Of Limitations For Victims Of Sexual Abuse
Its about the money : Diocese of Wilmington's lay workers get response to their concerns
Catholic drastic measures or survivors dratsic measures : Drastic measures needed
Meet a lunatic : Pushing out the pushover
Who needs reminding today? Only : SEN. ROB KANE: National Child Abuse Prevention Month reminds us to love and protect our child
Catholic excuse list (Brief list only)
Excuse #42 Celibacy : Don't blame celibacy
Old fools and ignorant fools : Fury after Cardinal links gays to abuse of children
A natural feeling : I dream of a better world (with no pedophile-protecting Popes)
It had to happen : Baby Jesus molested by Catholic Priest, disappears
Support for the victims in Ireland in their march against clergy sexual abuse
Job Australia medical malpractice
Corrective Services breaching church state separation
What the Irish People and State could do now to enable healing and restitution
Transcript of meeting with QCS 22/January/2010
The defining of RC Syndrome as a condition of clergy abuse. When Syndrome becomes Culture
$AU100 for your story like this - Sept 1
The Priveleged

Independent of faith survey on clergy abuse
The Wall
Appropriate contact with Catholic church
Genuine opportunity - contact with the Catholic church
Support for September 1
Prime Minister of Australia supports September 1
My country needs to hear from our Prime Minister
Situation Vacant - religious institution
Molested Catholic
I love the ideas of equality and harmony, of democracy and justice - they sound like terrific ideas.
A public conversation with the Premier
Response to Anne Bligh the Premier of Queensland
Weve Only Just Begun- bishopaccountability
The Canadian situation
Sexual abuse and Islam a Bosnian case
Nun recalls sexual abuse horror
Letter to the Vatican no more silence
Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Early Alarm for Church on Abusers in the Clergy
Domestic violence is a learned behavior
Diocese shouldn't fight statute of limitations bill
Connecting the Dots on Clergy Sexual Abuse
Capitalism and patriarchy exposed in Elgin, Ill
And now, the Morality Police
The Pedophile's Paradise
Are Christians above the law?
Rights of the Child
Email your Premier
Interview with David Speers, Sky News
Join in with this Global day - September 1
Ex-nun tells of rape by African priest
The Tip of the Pedophile Iceburg
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Hong Kong
Costa Rica
President Barak and Michelle Obama
To the Governor General of Australia
To elected officials
Letter to the Premiers of Australia
To the Prime Minister of Australia
Federal Politicians supporting September 1 2009
Attorney Generals supporting September 1 2009
State Politicians supporting September 1 2009
Premiers of Australia supporting September 1 2009
New Zealand
Contact your Prime Minister
Australia - The Premiers
An apology by the Prime Minister and the Governor General of Australia
Anna Bligh Blog - response
Members and Candidates of all political persuasions
Contact Us
My Broken Society
Past victim of childhood abuse
Thank you
Notes for: Keeping in touch with my 22nd Century child.
The issue of sexual abuse by clergy and other associated with the Catholic Church.
Community Groups who support MBS
Business Owners who support MBS
Victims who support MBS
Educators who support MBS
Health Professionals who support MBS
Public Servants who support MBS
Police Officers who support MBS
Politicians who support MBS
Parents who support MBS
Children who support MBS
About The 22nd Century child
Keeping in touch with my 22nd Century child.
Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs
MBS Q and A - Questions 101
Australia - a matter of time and justice
A better way
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated
USA Underground worship
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated Australian States 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated Australian Regional Cities 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated Australian Capital Cities 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated Northern Territory 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated Tasmania 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated Western Australia 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated ACT 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Australia - Victims - calculated South Australia 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Australia - Victims - calculated Victoria 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Australia - Victims - calculated NSW 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Australia Victims - calculated Queensland 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Lifeline - recommended
Statute of Limitations - an irrational law
Fund a submission
What foolish notion is this? - is it any wonder our children are confused.
Advice from your Health Professional - is it any wonder we are confused?
Ill-logical and irrational dealings in Magistrates Courts - is it any wonder we are confused?
Ill-logical and irrational laws - is it any wonder our children are confused?
When laws defy nature and are maintained they are not only foolish they result in widespread Human Rights abuses
Dear Benedict
Kathleen Rose Brown
Report a Crime in Progress this December
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
The Decree Crimen Sollicitionis
Premium socially responsible web space
Educating to End Abuse Show - Opening statement by JohnB
Educating to End Abuse Show - First International GCAC hookup
Independent of faith survey on clergy abuse
Response to MinisterJenny Macklin
What would be the limiters
Join Ken and his support team at St. Peters Square on September 1 2009
Open communication with us
HONG KONG: Church denies trying to skirt police
Surat Police acts against romeos,hookah bar and porn book seller
Long-term societal outcomes and remedies
A child friendly day
Sufficient cause
Join in with this Global day
Thank you
Sufficient Reason
The September 1 Test
Judiciary & Law
Have your say
The Member for Toowoomba South and other politicians
Get excommunicated from the Catholic church - with a full refund of course!
Helps keep kids safe : Count Me Out - Take a stand for church-state separation
Church wants sex abuse victims to speak up -- REALLY! Who to?
US prosecutor asks pope's help to return priest - In a pigs eye they will help
ABOUT TIME! - US Catholic church moving faster on abuse cases
Children abused by Swedish Catholic priests - What did they expect ?
Ken the Molested Catholic seeking admission to University of San Diego
Ken the Molested Catholic speaking on healing
September 1 Initiative - a try by victims for a solution - IGNORED
Archdiocese will hear abuse complaints
Child pornographers can be caught without filters, Obama aide says
If the Pope Really Wants To Meet with Victims of Pedophile Priests, We Are Easy to Find
If the Pope Really Wants To Meet with Victims of Pedophile Priests, We Are Easy to Find
Sex abuse claims against former Catholic youth minister in Kirkland
Big leap in Dutch Catholic abuse reports
Atheists Demand Pope’s Arrest In UK
Vatican slammed for blaming gay priests in pedophile scandal
The Pope is coming: Malta hides its man-junk
What causes sex abuse? Research conflicts with Catholic leaders
Vatican slammed over paedophilia, gay link
Church secrecy must end
Actually, Rwanda, Would Rather You Said Sorry
Austrian diocese to share data on suspected church abuse cases with prosecutors
Church issues apology in clergy sex case
How it looks to an American in the Vatican
Don't call me Roman Catholic!
Peter O'Callaghan deters survivor from seeking justice
Most Catholics Critical As Well
Peter O'Calahan deters survivor from seeking justice
US Catholics growing more critical of pope's handling of abuse scandal
Thomas Doyle - If ever there was a justification for the convictions of atheists
Cardinal Roger Mahony and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Thinking out loud: Going for the Catholic jugular?
Australia - The Country from HELL
A conference to help survivors of severe child abuse (ritual abuse) and torture will be held on August 6 - 8, 2010, between 8
Aussies safer in a strip club than a church, figures show
Pope faces growing hostility on visit to Malta
Abuse charge against Catholic priest roils Kenya
More sex victims set to break silence
Pedophilia incurable - known in 1950's by church and pope
Priest Charged in U.S. Is Still Serving in India
Richard Dawkins plans to arrest the Pope for 'crimes against humanity' Read more:
Please hear my story, I NEED YOUR HELP - ANGIE's story
A priest's view of the Catholic Church in crisis
Don’t look to Rome for the true Catholic voices
Latin America begins feeling ripples of clergy sexual abuse crisis
Abuse claims: Catholic priest arrested again
Secrets of the Catholic Church
Lawsuits May Draw Vatican into U.S., European Courts
Following Holy Week, Holding Our Course,
Call for the arrest of the pope
Just for Comic Relief this morning:
re: Jason Toombs Psychologist Toowoomba
Dear Jennilynn Mann
Anarchy! Not due to the Catholic Church
Stuff Catholics Have So Far Blamed for the Church's Pedophilia Scandal
Seattle priest speaks plain truth about scandal
Sexual Repression Doesn't Work for Parish, Priest, or Pope
Pope’s shame, remorse over Irish child sex abuse, victims want more
The world holds two classes of men - intelligent men without religion, and religious men without intelligence
Pope Benedict erred in scandal
Sexual Abuse by Clergy Could be Prevented by Updates of Catholic Church Regulations
Who to blame for the Catholic Church scandal?
The Prods are all girls, the Papes whimpering softies. Don't you long for the old Penal Days?
Sex abuse in churches
Predator priest cases in Italy only ‘tip of iceberg’
Pope must grovel and beg for our forgiveness
Origins of a Scandal
Catholics return fire in abuse scandal
Northland Man Speaks Out About Sexual Abuse In Catholic Churches
Vatican blasts anti-Catholic 'hate' campaign
Questioning church credibility
Of faith and 'filth'
Condemnation of paedophile priests
Attorney representing a girl abused by a priest in Minnesota charged that the Vatican declined to investigate the priest
New Archbishop of L.A. Named Today Has Record of Transfering Pedophile Priests Surprise Surprise
New Archbishop of L.A. Named Today Has Record of Transfering Pedophile Priests Surprise Surprise
Pope's immunity could be challenged in Britain
Put the pope in the dock - [Must read article]
End celibacy to curb the occurrence of priestly abuse Read more:
Media is rebelling against truth, says Peruvian cardinal
Latest Pedophelia Scandal Rocks The Vatican
Protecting children from unforgivable acts
Italy priest sex scandal widens
Anti-Catholicism and the Times
Pope, Archbishop, Catholic And Anglican Churches Ignore US Alliance Mass Murder of Muslim Children
Church wrong to protect offenders
Italy sees 130 priests investigated over abuse
Church hotline overwhelmed by abuse complaints in Germany
Growing up or growing away
The church’s shame
1963 letter indicates former pope knew of abuse
Is Pope Benedict a criminal?
Catholic sex-abuse cases share window in Baptist house
Amid Scandal, Examining the Vatican's Response
Anti-Catholicism and the Times
Papal failings
Catholic Priest Accused of Sexual Assault Continues to Work
Probe after shoes used in tribute to abused go missing
The Church's Easter
How Could It Happen?
Taking Responsibility
It's Not About the Media
The Millstone
Minnesota bishop warned of priest's abuse, documents show
Church in Germany launchs help-line for sex-abuse victims
Law Enforcement, Churches Square Off Against Child Abuse
Pope Stays Mum on Abuse Scandal. Why?
Got something to say about the global clergy abuse issue?
Extra: Fill Vatican w/Survivors Oct. 31, 2010 - Bernie McDaid Launches Reformation Day Project
Extra: Fill Vatican w/Survivors Oct. 31, 2010 - Bernie McDaid Launches Reformation Day Project
Extra: Fill Vatican w/Survivors Oct. 31, 2010 - Bernie McDaid Launches Reformation Day Project
Priest steps down following abuse allegation
Children in a Concentration Camp Trumps a Sad Pope
Vatican Goes on Defense in Response to Media Reports Vatican Goes on Defense in Response to Media Reports
Liz Trotta’s Homophobia? She Says, On Fox News, NY Times Coverage Of Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal Part Of Gay Agenda!
Archbishop Vlazny cancels newspaper subscription after anti-catholic rant
Child Sex Abuse in the Church
Molesting charges against priest surface
Pope says Church to come out of abuse scandal
April 5, 2010 Martin: Purge clergy who allowed sex abuse
The Vatican's Outrageous Two-Tier Legal Defense
Not Just the Catholic Church ... Mormon Church and Other Religious Institutions Have Also Covered Up For Pedophiles
Latest Pedophelia Scandal Rocks the Vatican
This is a crisis of clericalism
Protesters disrupt Pro Cathedral mass
Abuse protesters confront archbishop at Easter Mass
Call for Senate Hearings on Pedophile Priest Crisis, 11 AM Good Friday L.A. Cathedral
Whistleblower priest fears schism in church
Archbishop Lazzarrotto Apostolic Nuncio to Australia
Studies find patterns of Catholic clergy sex abuse
German Protestant church issues apology for sexual abuse by clerics
How Christian is the pope, really?
Listen to John Cleary's remarkable interview with Fr Tom Doyle on ABC Radio National.
Interview with Father Tom Doyle
Cardinal still a captive of clerical culture and Rome
Accept it. Fix it. Move on.
Pope has brass neck of the year
I would've apologised: Rev Costello
The Catholic Holy Man
Child sex abuse cost US Catholic church 3 billion dollars
Fr Tom Doyle on clerical sexual abuse in the Catholic church
The Holocaust ended in 1945.
Punch-drunk priest hits a mourner at funeral he was supposed to be officiating
Luther Movie is about Bullshit INDULGENCES
Pope Has it Ass Backwards: He and his Bishops are Perps not Victims in Catholic Holocaust
The Catholic Church's Foot in Mouth Disease
New story trying to implicate Pope Benedict is "misleading" says the Vatican
The Zalkin Law Firm's Response to the Vatican Official's Comparison of Child Sex Abuse Scandal to the Holocaust The Zalkin Law F
Martin 'stunned' by Anglican Archbishop remark
Hunter Easter services call for healing
Separation of Church and State
Separation of Church and State
Papal Nuncio to Australia
Keeping in touch with my 22nd Century Child.
Victims, Jewish groups slam Vatican's anti-semitism remarks
Justice for sex abuse victims
Got something to say about the global clergy abuse issue?
Submission the The United Nations - join us
Approved and not approved resources
Contact us
About Molested Catholics
Can you differentiate between matters of church and matters of state
Thank you
The decree Crimen
Oath of the Jesuit
Can you separate church and state issues easily?
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A lack of denial is a terrifying thing to encounter by those still immersed in hiding from their own failings.

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