Estimating the numbers of Australian children raped by Catholic clergy by states

Catholic church achieves suffering across each Australian state

" ... a random survey of over 7,000 active Catholics in the U.S. and Canada found a closer ratio, that 1.7 percent of the females and 3.3 percent of the males had been sexually abused in childhood by a priest ..." (Katherine van Wormer, MSSW, Ph.D.) Psychology Today - Priest abuse male compared female victimization impact - a locally cached copy can be found here Priest Abuse: Male Compared toFemale Victimization Impact.php published May 20, 2010.

Using these numbers as a base whilst recognising that a substantial number of victims would have already left the church the following formula is used to calculate a low estimate of the number of sexual abuse victims in a given population of Catholics.

1.2 billion catholics
1.7% females abused = 10,404,000 [1.7% of 51.98% of the Catholic population]
3.3% males abused = 19,404,000 [3.3% of 48.02% of the Catholic population]

On the basis of the above figures there are potentially 29,808,000 [combined males and females] Catholics in the United States who could identify themselves as having been sexually abused in childhood by a Catholic priest.

This formula can be applied to any population.
Estimate number of Australian Catholics sexually abused in their childhood by Catholic priests.
Australia 5,239,000 million catholics (2006 Census)
Estimated number of survivors who have been "finalized" (completed church or legal process) in Australia between 1000 and 4000.
1.7% females abused = 45,422
3.3% males abused = 84,715

Data sources:

"Once a cult gets big enough to dominate large areas of life (generally large enough to kill people) and gets official recognition, it becomes a 'religion'." Silverwhistle.

"A review of the literature on priest/clergy abuse reveals that for both genders the typical survivor became disillusioned with the church and suffered a loss of religious faith as a result of the abuse and the subsequent institutional response to the abuse. An inadequate amount of research has been done to determine the full extent of suicide attempts or completed suicides of victims of this form of abuse. One estimate in the literature is that 20 percent of children who were abused by religious authorities considered suicide at some point." "...two major themes: loss of religious faith, and attacks on their personal integrity when they told of the abuse." Psychology Today - Priest abuse male compared female victimization impact - a locally cached copy can be found here Priest Abuse: Male Compared toFemale Victimization Impact.php

It is estimated that only approximately 3% obtain a resolution via the courts or the church; this leaves 97% of survivors of any given population without any form of justice or adequate treatment and support. The vast majority of these survivors will be in receipt of some form of government benefit or pension.

Survivors of sexual abuse who were not 'institutionalised' were excluded from the recent "Forgotten Australians" apology. No legislation to assist victims has been passed in an Australian Parliament to aid these or other victims of institutional or clergy abuse.

Statute of limitations laws remain in effect in all Australian States with the exception of South Australia.

This clearly defined subset of Catholics and ex-Catholics can be shown to be the subject of discrimination on the basis of the status of their abusers.
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(3%)    - Estimated
Barred - SoL
888,595 (G 570,478) (B 318,118)
Australian Capital TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory90,8552,2431,440803
67 (G 43) (B 24)
New South WalesNew South Wales1,845,36045,54929,24316,307
1,366 (G 877) (B 489)
Northern TerritoryNorthern Territory40,8101,007647361
30 (G 19) (B 11)
694 (G 445) (B 248)
South AustraliaSouth Australia305,1897,5334,8362,697
226 (G 145) (B 81)
65 (G 42) (B 23)
1,010 (G 658) (B 353)
Western AustraliaWestern Australia464,35711,4627,3584,103
344 (G 221) (B 123)
3,904 (G 2,541) (B 1,363) 4,000

What are the numbers of clergy abuse victims?
How many clergy sexual abuse victims are there?
How many were abused by catholic clergy?
How many suffered priestly abuse?
How many abused at the hands of Catholic priests?

Data for Australia.
Abused: The calculated total of abused using the 3.3 & 1.7 figures referred to in the Psychology Today article.
Boys: The percentage of boys abused - 3.3%
Girls: The percentage of girls abused - 1.7%
Disclosed: Estimated numbers disclosing if the disclosure rate is 3%. - Estimated Estimate of number obtaining a resolution via church or legal means. Number processed (via church or legal processes) [The "Healed"]
Barred: Estimated number denied access to justice via the legal system due to Statute of Limitations laws - 90%

Other figures used are: Number Catholics - ABS 2006 Census. Disclosed (4,000) estimated : Towards Healing: 700; Melbourne process: 400; Legal system: 900

Suicide Risk; 20% (victims) 130,137 = 26,027 Australians are at the highest risk of suicide as a result of the abuse and the subsequent institutional [and government] response to the abuse[s].

Calculates the estimated number of people who identify as having been sexually abused as a child by a catholic priest. Does not include other forms of abuse or abuse by other religious.

This is the first time this type of data has been made publicly available.

we would like to be able to add the numbers for those 'healed' - these figures should be available from both the church and the government.

the system is able to record data for individual parishs as well as diocese

With funding and access to data we can add a great deal more information.

Two major themes: loss of religious faith, and attacks on their personal integrity when they told of the abuse. "Something has to be independent and it has to be seen to be independent. . . Justice must be done and be seen to be done."

TopAt its peak the GCAC was creating:
1,014 instances of sexual abuse per day by Catholic priests globally
42 instances of sexual abuse per hour by Catholic priests globally
Current estimates indicate that the highest proportions of sexual abuses today are to be found in Asia and Africa.

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