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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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JohnB An apology from Australians
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Our apologies to the families of World Youth Day visitors

I felt it appropriate that I should write by way of explanation for the
actions of many Australians  visitors will encounter as they arrive and
explore Sydney whilst here for their celebrations.

It is not that Australians do not want to see young people coming here -
we welcome them and as our government repeatedly says they bring money
into the pockets of our businesses here - lots of approvals from that

The biggest issues many Aussies see are in regards the treatment of our
children which many see as human rights issues and as so many Aussies
tend to do they get pretty cranky when they see that their children are
not afforded safety and justice - particularly in a sexual sense.

You will most likely come away with a distorted view of Australians
brought about as you encounter the depth of the anger this country feels
on this issue.

The anger and sometimes rage that you may encounter is not genuinely
directed at you or other young people visiting us; it is justifiable
anger and rage which should be more appropriately be  directed at the
Catholic church and in particular our Government and our politicians no
matter their party or religion.
It does get crazy at times here with people so outraged and so affected
that they in turn vent their anger on whoever comes within reach or
whoever represents the entity or cause of their outrage. Of course we
Aussies understand that some of us regularly die and have our lives
destroyed due to the stresses impacts we encounter, its not even because
us Aussies don't understand it all. We do. We really do and that is why
we want to apologise to you and explain that it is just that our
politicians just like the church has forgotten that we do it for our
kids, instead they have feted a church who has itself acknowledged the
breadth of the problem of its priests freely sexually abusing our
children and our politicians have remained silent.

It would indeed be bold of you to speak out about those ills you
encountered,even to become outraged and expect to receive justice and if
appropriate to obtain compensation - we wish you luck.

For me I would be keeping my young ones home and away from such a
volatile region of the world while Australians are in such a rage about
the sexual abuses they have experienced right through to the day to day
impacts the Catholic church has on their lives - its not really a safe
place to send young people to unless they are aware of the reality of
the situation here.

Sentiments are so high here and the coverup so deeply entrenched that
there is little preparation towards providing assistance and safety nets
for those pilgrims who will encounter verbal and physical abuses and
those unfortunates who will encounter sexual abuse here at the hands of
someone so outraged that they themselves have lost the plot. They (both
parties) unfortunately just become statistics and are added to the list
of thrown-away human lives by both Church and government.



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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

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