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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

Never Again just got real

"Actively resisting the atrocities & Human Rights abuses of the Christian religion"
"Helping to build a better world simply because we are evolving, developing and maturing humans."
"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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JohnB John Brown - resend to Premier Peter Beattie
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One of around 186,000 copies of this email I sent to Premier Peter Beattie 28/06/2007

Original sent 28/06/2007

Still awaiting a reply


John Brown


I am emailing once again and I must say the following.

John Brown - Yes I am a real person and yes I am beginning to get very
pissed off with what is happening to me and it appears to some degree
what is happening to this State and this country..

Let me tell it to you this way, in the frankest possible way I can put
it. I do not wish you to incorrectly interpret my anger and frustration
with this matter as any form of threat or blackmail, that is not my
intention as I hope you will see. For me this is how it is and
unfortunately I cannot say it any other way.

Whilst I have over the past 6 months in the same way as I have over the
past 5 years sought to get a sit down with firstly the "Independent
Commission into Sexual Abuse". The one in Melbourne as set by the
Archdiocese of Melbourne. 5 Years ago I contacted them in regards being
sexually abused by one of Australias worst pedophiles. Since then I have
maintained good records of my communications and have all electronic
copies backed up on a daily basis to multiple locations both here in
Australia and overseas,  simply good business practice in my world and I
had hoped to improve on that instead of getting involved in all sorts of
other shenanigans when simply I would like to be treated as a human
being and to not lose my family, my family home and contents, to not
lose the compensation and healing offered by the catholic Church, to not
lose what is Internationally considered to be a basic human right
through being provided with equality and Justice as many political
leaders, pol
 iticians, business, religious, charity leaders, newspapers,
television, independent organisations, international charities, human
rights treaties, NGOs and particularly the many mums and dads in our
communities across this entire country of Australia - believe me I know
this as I have emailed as many of these as possible in every State and
territory of this country.

It seems I am left to feel as if I am being ignored when I can make
contact with virtually every bishop, priest, charity leader, politician
and many more in this country. That I can legitimately distribute to
more than 100 newspapers across the country and still be ignored when
the topic is the sexual safety of children beggars belief - it is a
relief to learn that this type of behaviour is no longer ignored
Internationally and for the first time I am feeling that I may have the
opportunity to bring this matter to your full attention.

I feel I should not have to say to you that when I can sit with the
Attorney General, The Minister for Justice and he quite frankly cannot
see just quite what I am on about. Yes he understands that due to my
inability to obtain a resolution from "The Independent Commission into
Sexual Abuse" or a presentation to "The Compensdation Panel" or to be
treated on a human level by what I understand to be a Federally funded
and subsidised organisation which is being questioned over its medical
procedures and psychological services viat the Catholic Church here in
this Country because I believe I have a right to insist upon them
holding with the promises they have made me in regards my abuse. I do
not see why I, you or any other individual in this country should be
held to ransom and blackmailed by this issue. I know this for a
certainty - I will not be blackmailed, ignored, held to ransom or take
any other of the crap that they dish out simply to maintain their
ability to provide ac
 cess to children to satisfy their sexual needs..

Yes it is a difficult topic for all of us. You, me, my wife my family
and those mentioned above. Believe me I understand that better than most.

Now when the Attorney General is in reality one of the few people in
this country who appears to be trying to do the right thing where he can
and in my meetings with him I felt that he was a very nice person; that
and his desire to help schools such as Highfields and Tree Days here in
Toowoomba and much much more. If there is something going here for
families Kerry is there trying to do his bit. He has afforded schools
the best he can provide and no doubt would pour more into them as we all
feel should happen, the openness he has shown throughout his career
would all seem to be pointless if he can put the attainment of
unrealistic goals of the QLD Police Service Traffic Branch, what appears
to be QPS officers involvement in real-estate fraud, endangerment of the
Queensland public and the abandonment of individuals medical rights and
needs and the bringing of the QLD Police service into disrepute and
appears to be willing to risk all that fine work by ignoring the facts and t
 he realities when he understands that I am losing my family home, its
contents and much more and that in doing so my rights firstly as a human
being, as a citizen of Queensland and a citizen of Australia continue to
be ignored simply it seems because I have offended the organisation
which permitted a pedophile priest the opportunity to continue his own
personal sexual interests of obtaining children to have sexual (mostly
anall) intercourse with.

Now when you are the bloke in my shoes you tend to get pissed off about
it and can become fairly determined to be provided with the simple
things one expects in life; to be able to work to provide the best you
can for your family and to not be inhibited by other simple things such
as equality and justice. When providing safety for your child how do you
explain to them that unfortunately you, your family, your father and
every other poor bugger (no pun intended) who had the misfortune to have
been raped by this man and the many others who made up the largest known
pedophile ring in this country and possibly the highest concentration of
abused and abusive priests this entire bloody planet has seen; how do
you explain to them that the fact that the single issue of the sexual
abuse of children by Catholic priests and its subsequent coverup
contributes to what may be more than 20% of the crime and drug problem
of this country, that it contributes daily to the further sexual abuse
 by unregulated and uncontrolled people who simply do not know how to
resolve the issue. Peter, it is simple logic to so many that the issues
of domestic violence, sexual abuse, clergy abuse and all the matters and
issues of abuse cannot and will not be addressed until this single issue
is rectified. How do you explain to the children as they begin to mature
that the Catholic Church can screw as many individual children and as
many individual people as it chooses because it chooses to act above the
law. No person in this State let alone this country can expect to obtain
fair treatment whilst this issue exists in the way it does.

Now I came here this morning to get rather cross about it all and to
email as I believe I have a right to do, every individual citizen in
this country and to email every individual on the planet along with
every political, monarchial, religious leader across the globe and to
take my case to the United Nations and to charge Australia with
hypocrisy because it seems to feel that it cannot rise above the mealy
words of a few bullies at the top of the organisation.

Now I believe I am entitled to a hearing. Peter,  believe more than that
I believe that I, my family and I and every citizen in this country is
entitled to the Justice we expect from simply being a human being.

I thought that before I get underway on that (else I should be seen to
be a hypocrite in the eyes of my family) I would give it one last try.

My mobile number is: 0427391880.

Now excuse me while I go and tend to some of my family needs and
hopefully get some sleep so that I can get back into my office by 9 this
morning with this matter cleared up so that I can for the first time in
5 years get on with my day and focus on my business and  be able to put
in a fair days work so that my family can eat and get out of the cold
bloody wind here in Toowoomba before my house and contents are illegally
dragged from my freezing cold hands.

    John Brown

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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