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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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JohnB The Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon re: The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon

re: The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

I am writing as a survivor of sexual abuse, torture and psychological abuse as a child from before the age of 4 through to the age of 8 by Catholic nuns and priests and as a survivor of violent rape, fraud and menaces and coverup by the prolific child rapist Catholic priest Kevin O'Donnell and other Catholic clergy and individuals within the Catholic hierarchy as well as the general Catholic population, Catholic policing, Catholic health and Catholic community services over more than 56 years which have collectively conspired to defraud and to deny every Australian access to their natural right of equality, human rights and justice over that time.

I draw the attention of the Government to the following issues with regard to responses to child sexual abuse which I have found to be relevant to the entanglement of religion and criminal activities across the spectrum of our society for generations.

Firstly I would like to urge the Government to cause this Royal Commission to become a permanent standing inquiry into all responses and activities pertaining to child sexual and other abuses in our society. Our current and future children deserve this as a minimum response to the thousand upon thousand who have been molested and abused, exploited and defrauded with impunity for generations.

  • Canon law. A review of Catholic Canon law clearly shows that it contains a plethora of laws and regulations pertaining to crimes and criminal actions which are clearly the prevail of the Government and the laws of our country. The nature of the Catholic religion places these religious laws above the law of the country thus forcing every citizen to be subjected to a dual legal system with Catholics being bound to firstly honor and to uphold the laws of their religion before the laws of the country to which we are all supposed to be bound by. This circumstance must be brought to an immediate and permanent halt.

    Canon laws which relate to civil or criminal acts should be removed and legislated against so that the secretive legal processes of the Catholic church can no longer impede the due process of our civil and criminal laws and so that their influence can no longer reach into every crevice of our society particularly where children, the elderly and the vulnerable are concerned.

    I recommend that the Government asses each individual Canon law of the Catholic to ensure that it does not encroach in any way onto the prevail of civil and criminal laws and where it is found to cross that line those Canon laws should be refused any standing in Australia. One of the most egregious examples of this can be found in the  Decree Crimen Solicitationis where Catholics are bound by their laws to keep secret the sexual abuses of their clergy, their religious and their religion.

  • Religious privilege and exemptions provided by Governments over generations have resulted in these privileges and exemptions being exploited to protect child rapists and to deny proper access to justice and compensation for all the people of Australia; this has not only affected the rights of those abused by Catholic clergy it has also affected the rights of all Australians to a fair and proper legal and justice system and has permitted the minimisation of the most heinous of crimes committed against women and children and has encouraged Government to refer to child stealing, kidnapping and the International trafficking of children under bogus names such as "Forced Adoptions", "Forgotten Australians", "Stolen Generations" with the seeming intention of pandering to the purported good works of religion through unfair religious privilege and exemptions. These practices have played a major role in the years long coverup of all forms of child abuse in religious settings and must be removed to ensure that all Australians are treated equally and fairly under one legal system in the control of the Australian people.

    No religious law should be permitted to trump the laws of our country through the provision of religious privilege and exemptions as to do so is to discriminate against the rest of the Australian population.

    While politicians such as Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal party said publicly that "The church is free to operate in this country while it abides by our laws" while the religious such as Frank Brennan bound by his oath of allegiance to a foreign country and the laws of the Catholic church are prepared to publicly state that they are willing to break our laws as a means of enforcing the supremacy of Catholic canon laws over the laws of Australia; they should be held accountable just as any other Australian citizen who advocates the breaking of our laws. Were the words of Turnbull to have any veracity the right of the Catholic church to operate in this country should have been revoked many years ago.

    I urge the Government to urgently implement wide ranging legislation including effective sanctions to uphold the notion and the ideal of the statement by the then Liberal leader.

    I also urge the Government to cease trading with all religious entities until they can clearly show that they are in compliance with the full range of Australian law without exemption which all other citizens are bound to including anti discrimination, Human Rights and equality laws.

  • I ask that an examination of the role of child education, child health, child welfare and the long term social effects on Australia's children and society be conducted in light of the many findings against clearly abhorrent and psychologically dysfunctional and harmful religion teachings. No religious entity should be permitted to enable or to support a practice which has as a part of its base tenants the murder and rape of children and the stoning and killing of those of different belief systems or sexual orientation.

    Children raised in such an abusive blackmailing and coercive environment become religiously empowered blackmailers, coercers and abusers bringing social trauma and social shock to the entire population and continue the cycle of abuse across the generations through the indoctrination of children into these abhorrent practices.

    A child raised in a culture of guilt, blame, scapegoating, child exploitation and blackmail within an environment that excuses and forgives all forms of crimes by its hierarchy and its members can only provide a supportive breeding ground for the culture of crime, coverup and exploitation which has caused the need for this Royal Commission. I urge the Government to act for and on behalf of the rights and the need to protect children without any other consideration watering down those needs and to preserve those rights that children both deserve and have a right to.

    Children must have their right to freely choose a religion protected in the strongest possible ways until they reach the age of reason where they must be free from the threats of damnation and retribution should they choose to follow a belief system other than the religion of their parents. To do otherwise is to enable the forced inculcation of children into a lifestyle that many live to regret while many choose to end their life early as that presents them with the hideous position that their own death is the only means of escape from the psychological clutches and deception of mentally unsound, tortuous and damaging child raising practices.

  • I ask the Government to call a national day of mourning for "all" those abused and harmed as a result of these past atrocities and urge the Government to initiate a public appeal for funds to provide interim support to victims so that they can attempt to regain a sense of self and a sense of dignity to enable them to come before the Royal Commission to inform the people of the country as to the lifetime of the horrors they have been subjected to.

  • I urge the Government to immediately restrict and to immediately evaluate the credentials and the professional standards of those setting themselves up as advocates and as people speaking on behalf of survivors of clergy abuse due to the over-riding belief in these systems that the only true and genuine form of healing available is for the victim to be returned to the religion which has abused them as an initial step in reducing their pain and suffering and in reducing their unacceptably high risk of suicide and self harm.

    I urge the Government to exclude from any position of authority and influence within the upcoming Royal Commission of existing support and advocacy groups, charities  or institutions where there are connections affiliations and associations with the catholic and other religions due to the fact that many have been re-abused and traumatized over and over again through these systems which have only served the purpose of habituating the survivor into their own abuse and subsequently escalating their risk of suicide simply to further the religious expectations of those operating these services as it is from these entities that survivors are persistently and consistently branded as mentally defective when in fact all parties have been affected as a result of these crimes and abuses.

    My experience and the experience of many members of my family and many others consistently shows that these entities engender the most hideous forms of ostracism and denigration and are subsequently a major driver in the suicide and psychological torture of those they purport to assist while insidiously injecting their religious dogmas and beliefs through medically unsound practices promoted by unskilled and untrained individuals who hold with unfounded beliefs that the religion which abused us is the only genuine form of healing available.

    If the damage and harm to survivors is to be minimised and the risk of suicide by survivors is to be reduced then an overhaul of this aspect of the survivor industry must be urgently implemented through a critical examination and evaluation against the best science and medicine can provide in these areas today; to do otherwise is to leave the vulnerable and the abused exposed to the whims and fantasies of charlatans, the deceived and those bent on exploiting the past failures of Governments.

  • It is anticipated that some forms of redress and compensation will result from this Royal Commission. It is imperative that previous failures in these areas be addressed so that all who have been affected can be provided with fair access to services without the inherent risks associated with Government redress schemes being operated by the same religious entities that have been found in many previous inquiries to have been involved in a wide range of abuses against children only to be found again with a role in redress and compensation schemes established by Governments. This aspect alone has cost many lives and caused untold pain and suffering to whole segments of our society and must be controlled and regulated to ensure the safety of the people they act on behalf of.

    Government has a responsibility to not permit these entities the ability to continue current practices of writing their own unaccountable Constitutions without the provision of external systems of review and complaint processes as once again history and the testimony of victims  shows that these entities have been at the forefront of re-abuse and habituation of trauma on those they purport to want to assist.

  • The Commission must be aware that many survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic clergy today consider themselves as non believers in the Catholic or other religions and the Commission must ensure that their right to equal service and redress is assured and protected.

    I urge the Commission to mandate that all entities, groups or support systems provide a clearly worded document detailing their credentials and their role in supporting victims and must include a full detail of any healing pathways that these entities hold with. No group or entity should be permitted to operate or to speak on behalf of survivors and victims without such documentation; each entity should be registered and monitored by the appropriate Government authorities.

  • With a long history of close involvement and input from individual clergy and religions in Government and community reviews and inquiries as well as involvement in the formulation of our laws and statutes over past generations it is evident that many laws have been hijacked and polluted through the drive of affected people to protect the name of the Church at the expense of not just the victims of abuse by clergy but also victims of abuse across the entire spectrum of society. I ask the the Commission identify these laws and statutes and make them open to review and modification with the intent of protecting firstly the children and then the survivors of abuse in our society. The reach of these inputs can be seen in statute of limitations laws, adoption practices, evidence, education, health, policing and across the spectrum throughout our communities and this inquiry must see that these hideous actions of the past are expunged from our laws and legislation so that the freedom of the people prevails over the perceived rights of one single religion else we will see our children petitioning and pleading with future governments to investigate and to enact suitable controls in the future.

    Clearly there is no amount of good work that can be claimed as a counterbalance to the systematic sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Clearly there is no act of contrition or restoration that the Catholic church could instigate that would return a normal life to a survivor even if the Catholic church were to realise all its wealth and property towards the restoration of the lives they have damaged; however that should be enforced onto the catholic church as a minimum step in that direction. The people of Australia should no longer be forced to financially aid and abet crimes against their own children and the children of others and humanity through tax exemptions and other privileges previously afforded to religious institutions. The Australian people should not have to carry the cost of restoration and compensation to survivors.

  • I urge the Government to include a review of the role of the Catholic church in all areas of education and health and in particular the area of mental health which has repeatedly been used to silence and to kill victims or to place them at direct risk of taking their own life as the only means of escape from the embedded role of the religious in these institution and government.

    If we were brave enough we would empower this commission to research and detail a healthy upbringing environment that permitted children to grow with freedom, peace, protection, safety, justice and to be a challenge for the future of all people from childhood and on throughout their lives. Were we brave enough to do this we would see that there is no ability for the coexistence of religion as we know it today and human rights, freedom of choice, justice and the opportunity for humanity to advance into a wiser, more intelligent, more peaceful and vibrant society befitting the wondrous place on this earth where we are fortunate enough to live.

    No person at any age wants to live in fear consumed by guilt and adversely affected by a culture which can only resort to the use of fear, deception, intimidation, blackmail, torture and abuse as a result of the need of a hierarchy of men bent on the domination and inculcation of the entire population of the country simply because they have been able to maintain the many hideous myths and legends of ages gone by through their abhorrent tactics.

    The history of the Catholic church brims over with horror and monstrous abuse in every century in every country where it has had a presence for more than a millennium while theier hierarchy bribed and deceived every genuine person they touched into beseeching us to look at all the good work that the church does when in fact the church has obviously been engaged in child stealing, kidnapping, child trafficking, rape, child abuse, psychological entrapment, torture and financial and social exploitation on a scale that simply defies calculation; all of this on a tax free, make up your own rules and laws as you go along program. This Royal Commission must ensure that these primitive anti democratic, anti social processes are ended once and for all.

    The days of gods and their carping ravenous minions are gone; the world is fast learning that these stories are no more than myths and legends hijacked by a class of self deluded, self indulgent men making fantastic claims simply on their own say so while Catholicism amassed fortunes in property and commerce. Greedy men bent on dominion and unquestioning control of women and children are not the stuff to base a healthy society on let alone to be led by men of this kind. This inquiry has the opportunity to advance society in a way that has not been possible before and I ask that every endeavor be made to ensure that future generations are never again subjected to the horrendous practices that this inquiry is set to examine.

    To achieve these monstrous crimes against the most vulnerable among us the church has consumed billion upon billion of tax payers dollars while at the same time slamming the brakes on the rights to justice and the social and scientific development of the entire human population of this country.

    For this Royal Commission to bring an appropriate outcome in light of the evidence it will hear the commission must investigate the entire spectrum of the abuses in which the Catholic and other churches have been involved in including its doctrines and teachings where they are shown to be detrimental to the psychological development of children as these most often have had their genesis and support in the offices of government and parliamentarians deceived into supporting the greatest crime spree against women and children ever conceived.

    Every Australian knowns that there are hundreds of thousands of victims of abuse at the hands of religion and they are expecting and demanding that these abuses are finally brought to a close simply so that children can be safe and free to play, learn and to become productive and successful participants in Australia's society. When viewed from a humanitarian or a rational perspective the practices of the Catholic church can be clearly seen as a monstrous plan to fail all of humanity simply to fulfill the greed and wants of those leading this church. I urge this inquiry to bring an end to these atrocities and I urge Governments to act for the betterment and the safety of children and our society before the wants and dictates of any religion.

    This plan of failure has seen generations of influence on our laws to protect these exploiters and abusers and has caused untold misery and pain across generation after generation and has been the direct cause of crime, suicide and social disharmony of the most egregious kind. I ask that the Government urgently implement the cataloging and documenting of criminal activities in relation to religiosity and I beg and plead with the inquiry to bring this criminal spree to a rapid  end and to provide for the first time in the lives of the many survivors and victims a sense of justice that Australia can be proud of for the first time in its history as a nation through the proper regulation and control of the psychological pitfalls and sexual abuse risks associated with the teachings and culture of the Catholic and other churches.


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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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