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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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Federal Royal Commission and State Inquiries Cognitive Development and the Mind of the Catholic Believer
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The catholic church as a collective is acting like a child being deprived of its favorite childhood fantasy.

Associated with this fantasy are other areas of human cognitive development which touch on aspects of life today; they include a fear of death, a fear of reality (developed when making first encounter with god), the ability to scapegoat and the ability to inflict harm without remorse when their fantasy is threatened.

Obsessions about greed and possessions are the domain of a 3 year old. Give a 3 year old ultimate power and you end up with a world view enforced with the evasiveness of a 3 year olds logic.

The significance of a 3 year old mindset in a generational sense of those raised in a catholic environment can be causatively connected with their first logical encounters with a immovable unchallengeable, insurmountable god.

To be one with the Catholic view of god and the religious way of life is to forestall further cognitive development in these areas and to begin a lifetime pursuit of developing argument with this forestalled area of reasoning. This mindset focuses on fear as it knows that that is so effective. The 3 year is experiencing the first developments in the area of guilt and through religion is provided with the ultimate scapegoat - the enemy of my fantasy and my imaginary friend who empowers me.

A catholic education protects and nurtures this mindset which deprives an individual of the healthy natural development areas including reciprocity, truthfulness, reasoning, bullying, intimidation, blackmail and logic. When the actions of the collective church are viewed from a psychological development perspective the enraged 3 year old is quite evident. When viewed over a longer term historical perspective we get to see the long term development of a socially destructive human system.

The Church perspectives on matters relating to sex, birth control, abortion, stem cell research, condoms are tainted with the 3 year old view the problem.

As a collective the Church has yet to develop a healthy perspective. It is definably insane to believe that a human with the entrenched thinking that this form of upbringing produces is capable of providing anythingby way of a healthy input into the development of solutions to some of the problems this presents.

The many stages of being Catholic clearly describe the many stages of development through to a mature stage of psychological and rational development.

The testimony of millions of Catholics turned Atheist clearly describe the simple process of natural human development whereby they put aside or they surmount those 3 year olds fears and argument and through a process they teach themselves to think clearly and rationally about the many hurdles they faced in that development.

This impediment to human development is not found in the upbringing of an Atheist child. The Atheists child does not encounter the 3 year old god until much later in life when they are better able to deflect the lures and the entrapment of something they left behind in their early childhood.

It is impractical and entirely unworthy of the use of the words logical and reasonable to claim that person who is still within this developmental stage to be able to rationally deduce and to reasonably and logically come to sound conclusions and truthful findings given the circumstances of the Victorian inquiry

Having a Catholic as the head of the panel effectively means that we must adhere to Catholic concepts and teachings as the basis of the understanding of the inquiry panel.

No criticism of the psychological torture of children via the teachings of the church will be permitted u
nder this set-up with the power of veto having taken place through the initial vetting and acceptance of submissions. With a knowledge of the biased processes at play across the globe it is not unreasonable to theorize that if there is any one place where the truth will be filtered out it would be in this first filtering process. Molested Catholics web site is offering to publish any submission lodged with the inquiry including those which the inquiry rejects.

The chances of reaching the truth are simply do not exist when 4 of the 6 on the committee hold with a greater or lesser degree of the flawed Catholic perspective.
The potential for an independent of religion let alone and independent of Catholic thinking outcome simply do not exist.
This same panel reviews and accepts or rejects submissions based on their religious perspective. The only "truth" permitted is from the Christian perspective. With their history of that in tatters we will be expected to accept once again that this particular undeveloped perspective is the only true perspective and once again we will have failed children, failed humanity and failed ourselves.
As if this were not sufficient cause for alarm and a rethink there is the added benefit of an upbringing that has entrenched blockages such as the threat of instant spiritual death should an individual dare to for a moment consider the perspective of this problem without the benefit of a god and its teachings. This denies the full use of our scientific understanding of us as human beings and of the way we develop psychologically; this denies the ability to accept as truth anything other that what the believer has personally come to understand and with what the believer personally retains of that 3 year old developmental blockage. This is the art of blackmail taken to the ultimate degree.

From the perspective of those who have rejected the religion and the god of the Catholic and the Christian world we see ourselves in the position of the victim simply being one of the evidence to be pointed at and to be raised up and to be shown to the world as an example of the harm that comes to those who oppose the directives of the priesty/religious class. This of course must be accompanied with loud proclamations of "look at all the good work we do" as if that is some sort of compensation for the wholesale rape of the body and the mind of generations of children.

Survivors of childhood abuse at the hands of the Catholic religious be it psychological, sexual or physical who are Atheist, Agnostic, doubting, spiritual or even those now following another religion should prepare themselves for the inevitable. They will not receive justice. They will not receive genuine compensation. Children will only be marginally safer under any outcome from the current Victorian inquiry.
With the Victorian Police submission clearly showing that law enforcement was not able to address the matter effectively. The trigger for a federal Royal Commission is when the law enforcement process wasn’t addressing the matter effectively.

The single trigger for a federal Royal Commission has been pulled by the lodgement of the Victorian Police submission. The only question remaining to be asked is why a federal Royal Commission has not been called


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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

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