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Abuse of Trust Hetty Johnston rings Toowoomba re the missing 30,000 signatures on a petition - July 2012
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Audio conversation with Hetty Johnston of Bravehearts 18 July 2012 re the missing petiton and its 30,000 signatures calling for a Royal Commission in Child Sexual Abuse

John Brown transcript 07 20 12

(J- John Brown, F- Female)


JohnB: John speaking.

Hetty Johnston: John. Hetty Johnston

John Brown: Hi. How are you, Hetty?

Hetty Johnston: I'm good, and you?

John Brown: I'm bloody appalled.

Hetty Johnston: And so am I. Tell me in this latest email that you sent through, You say that Bravehearts had said we never withdrew our support for a royal commission. Can you tell me where you read that?

John Brown: On your, on your Facebook page this morning.

Hetty Johnston: That's Carol, she's got it wrong, we did indeed withdraw our support for a royal commission.


John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] Well I heard you did. Yes.

Hetty Johnston: Yeah that's right and I make no apology for it either, John by the way.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] Well I do, I do, I do.

Hetty Johnston: [OVERLAPPING] Well because it's not your call.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] Because I know people who have- it is my call. Now I have to deal with-

Hetty Johnston: Well it's your opinion John and everyone is-

John Brown: It's not an opinion.

Hetty Johnston: -is entitled, it is an opinion.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] when people’s lives have been taken because of it-

Hetty Johnston: -and it's and it's defamatory when you blame [UNINTELLIGIBLE] John.

John Brown: -as a result of it.

Hetty Johnston: John, that's just not true. And it's a [SOUNDS LIKE] long bow to draw. You know, I mean-

John Brown: It's not a long bow to draw.

Hetty Johnston: It is, it is, John. I know what you're saying-


Hetty Johnston: Listen to me just for a second. I know what you're saying and I understand how angry you are.


But you have got things by the wrong end.

John Brown: Is that right? Can you explain-

Hetty Johnston: [OVERLAPPING] yes it is right-

John Brown: You explain it to me.

Hetty Johnston: We withdrew our call for a royal commission because we believed that the COAG document, or the COAG push and combined states efforts would be a better way to spend the money and would actually start to deliver some results. But it hasn’t.

John Brown: That's obvious.

John Brown: Yes, so this is why we're back on for a royal commission. I mean, we have to do what we think is going to work, John, because it's about stopping children from being sexually assaulted.


And I have to say to you I know how passionate you are, I can hear it in your voice. Don't think I'm any less passionate.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] Oh I understand, I understand.

Hetty Johnston: In case you've forgotten, my daughter was a survivor too. That's why we created this organization. Well just don't forget there’s no excuse for it. [OVERLAPPING] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I'm not throwing-

Hetty Johnston: Yes you are, you're throwing all sorts of vile around the place and you just need to get your facts straight first and discuss it sensibly.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] Well then you- you respond-

Hetty Johnston: Before you start doing that.

John Brown: You respond to those things, you didn't respond to them at the time that you withdrew the, the thing.


Do you have- still have the petition? [LONG SILENCE]

Hetty Johnston: Um, I don't know.

John Brown: If you, in my opinion- if you were genuine-

Hetty Johnston: [OVERLAPPING] I don't even know It's thirty thousand signatures, so I don't know where that petition is, I'm not sure, anyway, I’ll find out, go on.

John Brown: Well, if you were genuine, as has been put out here-

Hetty Johnston: Please don't say if.

John Brown: Oh?

Hetty Johnston: One thing, now John, just let’s get this straight. It's called mutual respect.


There is no question about my position on child sexual assault, just as there is no question on yours and you can’t- if we can’t agree on that, John, then I'm going to hang up now.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] It is [SOUNDS LIKE] petty- just five minutes.

Hetty Johnston: No. We agree on that before we go forward.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] just a minute, just a minute. Don’t blackmail me, woman, don’t.

Hetty Johnston: [OVERLAPPING] oh, John, okay, this is hopeless. I'm going to go now.

John Brown: I understand, I understand. You will do this, I understand. And it will avoid addressing this issue in this context-

Hetty Johnston: [OVERLAPPING] oh no. John. John, John, john, john, john. All I'm asking you to do is this.


You respect my position in this and I’ll respect yours. I don't expect to be treated and spoken to this like a piece of crap.

John Brown: [SOUNDS LIKE] I have no respect.

Hetty Johnston: You have not shown us any respect at all, John.

John Brown: Exactly right. Exactly right.

Hetty Johnston: [OVERLAPPING] So we've got to address that. Are we address that or we don't- unless you do that, we're not going anywhere.

John Brown: [OVERLAPPING] [SOUNDS LIKE] that's all we have to- you're just worried about your ego.

Hetty Johnston: Oh my god, John, I'm going to go. Thank you. Bye-bye.


Conversation re Transcript - 21 July 2012
 Y3G7L4:  Transcript is in your email... hmm

 Y3G7L4:  I never could figure out how to open a file through Skype but yes I am still using it now and then for backup, using my cell phone these days more. That number by the way is[{REDACTED]

 John Brown:  Thanks for that - I can touch up a few places as I recall it - willprove to be of value I believe

 Y3G7L4:  Any time. You were lucky you caught me on a day when I wasn't working... much

 John Brown:  athat was excellent thank you - tweaked the few bits I knew - Koag = COAG - a govt body - dont't (indible) = don't blackmail me woman
  Greatly appreciate this - thanks again I owe you for this

 Y3G7L4:   Oh, don't blackmail me woman! It was inaudible as she was talking over you... You guys were overlapping a lot...
  It was about five dollars worth of work. You can buy me a shot of Jack D when you come visit me...

 John Brown:  it effectively was the continmuation of our last conversation back in 2009 when I was speaking about the abuse of trust through dumping the 30,000 signature petition she was supposedly holding in trust - she traded that for a seat on the COAG committe - she simply cannot bring it out now as that will jepordaise her relationship and position with COAG

 John Brown:  She acknowledge COAG has failedf - forgets that she sat on the executive and made the decisions along with them

 Y3G7L4:   hmm, sounds familiar. They buy off people with titles and fame
  What does COAG stand for again?

 John Brown:   Now you Jack and I have had some exoperiences together - think that will be cartried out if ever we get together

 Y3G7L4:  Your typing looks like you are visiting Jack right now... just joking

 John Brown:   [:)] - still cool this morning - fingers not awake entirely yet -   The Council of Australian Governments

 Y3G7L4:   and church?

 John Brown:   That is unknown as it is often conducted in secret - Hetty released a press statement in 2010 (while she was sitting on the COAG exec) in glowing terms of the Catholic church and their very close and ongoing relationship - I have no doubt ithe church was well represented
  *as I recall re timing re sitting as exec
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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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