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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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-------- Original Message --------
Subject: What is your motive.
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2012 15:31:13 +1100
From: Emma
To: Nikkiw <>

Nikki Wells

I continue in this email to tell you of my total dissatisfaction at the
way you operate and the dreadful position you put me in whilst fighting
for victims rights.

As I only deal with facts you have every right to hold me accountable
to what I'm about to say.

At St Mary's Cathedral 3rd June 2011, I went to the Cathedral around
11am to protest at the way I was deceived by Cardinal George Pell when
he had told me that he was to meet with me on his return from Rome to
discuss victims dissatisfaction with the destructive process and
Catholic clergy abuse victims immediate needs. Pell promised that he was
willing to listen and act upon the needs of all victims of the Catholic
Church, including Towards Healing and the Melbourne Response.

I had asked you Nikki to accompany me as I needed someone for support.
I was at the cathedral before you arrived and a security guard was there
within minutes to remove me from the premises. I stood my ground when
you entered through the front doors. You didn't say a thing but just
listened as I told the security guard that Pell lied when promising to
meet with me. As mass was about to start I walked onto the alter and
told the priest nicely that I would be doing the sermon today. He seemed
angry but sat down and I proceeded with a sermon of facts. Not to
startle the congregation I started gently on how victims were
dissatisfied and the painful re-abuse that followed their abuse and then
went on to talk of how I worked in poor countries and how children in
those underdeveloped nations do not receive donations from the church
and that those donations from our society go into riches for the
hierarchy of the Catholic church, etc. Whilst my sermon was in process
you Nikki were in the congregation filming it all on your mobile phone.
Even when the priest reared up to punch me in the face, you were still
filming. I strongly believe I had only spoken facts and was quite
composed whilst you filmed my whole sermon.

A policeman entered the cathedral and when I saw him I told the priest
that he could now take over and I walked off the alter as I knew the
church officials had contacted him. Nikki, you then walked out of the
cathedral with me. On the steps there were three police and I was asked
why I was in the cathedral. Composed I told them the whole factual
situation on why I was there. Routinely the police asked whether I
needed to see a doctor at a hospital and understanding their routine
questions I calmly said, NO. To my horror, you told the police that I
did need to see a doctor and to be hospitalised, you knowing I was of
sound mind. At that time a reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald
arrived after hearing from a victim in melbourne that I was to stand my
ground after Pell promised he would listen and act on victims needs. In
front of you and the reporter I told the police that I would give
Cardinal Pell one month and then continue the meetings we had arranged
the month before. The police told the church officals about the meeting
in a month's time and left.

I then was asked by the reporter to do a story for the Sydney Morning
Herald but you, Nikki told the reporter that I didn't know what I was
talking about. Shocked and very stressed I told the reporter that I
wouldn't be doing the interview. Then stupid me got into your Mercedes
and you drove me to Hornsby. When you dropped me off, you rang the
victim in Melbourne who was concerned about me and told her I needed to
be hospitalised as I was very confused. When she questioned you, you
hung up on her. She then rang me on my mobile and told me what you had
said. Days later I questioned you on this matter and you said to me that
the victim in Melbourne was lying and just wanted to course trouble.

I strongly believe you have bad motives when it comes to Survivors
Australia and you will destroy anyone who gets in your way. You have
also told the press that all your compensation went into Survivors
Australia but you told me you bought the blue Mercedes Benz out of that
compensation. I don't understand what the motive is behind Survivors
Australia and your deceit but there is something behind it.


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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

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