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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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Angies story Keep in mind there is no cure for paedophilia
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I really appreciated the opportunity to express the importance of child safety. Especially with what I have had to deal with personally with having nowhere to turn to protect my son from a person who had a position of power in the community and as a result had to send my child away for his own protection; as well as listening to a lot of other victims of clergy crimes which are not being heard..............(needs to be addressed)  in relation to Victoria Government -reviewing sex offences in Victoria's Crimes Act1958 and the
concept of an offence of grooming needs to be implemented.
PaulPavlou convicted 29th June 2009
While on the sex offenders register I understand that they are not allowed to loiter around parks or libraries (please correct me if I am wrong)
My argument is why is it not even within 12 months after Paul Pavlou was found guilty of indecently assaulting a minor and in possession of thousands of pornography pictures and video's. Is this offender allowed to work at a stall in the middle of Chirmside shopping centre?  Not once but twice in the year 2010 (THE STALLS ARE USUALLY SET UP FOR A MONTH OR TWO). I believe this sex offenders register really needs to be reviewed not only are there 100's of children with their families moving through this shopping centre daily; but there are also a lot of young teenagers that are vulnerable and alone which are in danger. As to the fact they use these shopping centres to hang out especially with the cinema's close by. Because (Pavlou) worked there and had no supervision. I see this as I believe a high risk of re-offending again situation. Paedophiles operate in a way that they source out their victims very carefully they are very good at what they do and always find away so they are around children regardless,

The Judge that presided over my sons case in which Pavlou received 18 months Jail suspended for 24 months; to be placed on the sex offenders register and has to report to the police for 15 years; as well as do 50 hours community services and undergo assessment and intervention in consultation with a sex offenders program.
(Keep in mind there is no cure for paedophilia)

How can you be found guilty; but no Jail term implemented but suspended;but due to his sentencing he is released so he can choose to work in a shopping centre so he can again be around children that are at a vulnerable age of 13; 14 years of age. That hangs out at a shopping centre. With the work in the stall he (Pavlou) was doing and moving from shopping centre to shopping centre throughout Victoria. I was informed by one of the employees of this stall their next destination was Ballarat.
 This is why we need compulsory enforced programs for teachers; students and parents within all schools in Australia to enforce and help protect our children and help teachers and parents recognise predator (grooming) behaviour from these predators that live among us as their ultimate goal is always to find a position that will allow them to be around children of their preferred choice of age.
Pavlou's age preference or target was 13 to 14 year old boy's hence why is he working at a shopping mall where young teenagers hang out is outrages; no matter what; 
It is up to us to ensure every child has a right to feel safe and be safe. This is why we need good compulsory programs in our schools for teachers; and parents to be taught of predator behaviours and children need to be taught how to keep themselves safe but when they are being groomed and the innocence of the child is used against them all children are vulnerable at one stage or another and it is up to the parents and teachers to be educated to protect them. 

Victoria is the worst state which outlines who is mandated to report. In comparison to any other state in Australia. Please help me bring these issues of our legislations which need to be improved.For the safety of our children in Victoria especially when you know how these paedophiles operate. Unfortunately for me I trusted a Church that wanted to keep it quiet by withholding information my son“A MINOR” disclosed. Then when I was finally informed they started to push for an in house trial and to sign a confidentiality
AGREEMENT;which I was horrified that my child would have to go to a trial with no safeguards set in place for his well being. I sourced the police SOCCA an officer at Knox and asked for help only to be sent away stating my son of just 14 had no case. To going away and writing everything up with my solicitor and going back and begging SOCCA to listen to help me protect my son; and as a result of the trauma and horror of the fight I had “just for my son to be heard". Was devastating and an emotional roller coaster of heartache and despair but as a result of my stubborn streak my son was eventually heard and Pavlou is now convicted of indecent assault and possession of child pornography.  


Paedophiles and Their Characteristics

Paedophiles have distinct characteristics and their preferred sexual objects are children. Pedophiles often have numerous victims and many claim to have abused hundreds or thousands of children. Paedophiles are narcissistic by nature and their bragging usually comes across as narcissistic. Paedophiles tend to like children of a certain age and they typically do not deviate from their preferred age range. Many prefer girls that are too young to get pregnant. The younger the girls are, the less chance of vaginal infections. Girls are reaching puberty at much younger ages, some as early as the 4th grade. “Eight is too late” is a phrase molesters often use.

Paedophiles also prefer one gender and they typically do not deviate from their preferred choice. There are both heterosexual and homosexual paedophiles, but there are far more heterosexuals paedophiles than homosexuals. In fact, the ratio is 11:1.
Paedophileswill make every possible effort to be around children.They choose professions that will allow them to interact with children in their preferred age range. Child molesters have taken positions as youth pastors, boy-scout leaders, coaches, teachers,child-care providers, counsellors, and employees at establishments that serve children. They slowly get to know their targets. They make friends with the child and start the “seduction” process. They try to become the child’s confidant and often offer email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. Child molesters remain patient and often have several children they are trying to seduce at the same time. This type of seduction is all about gaining trust with the child. Children are not attracted to their abusers, but they do start to trust them as a friend. Basically, these molesters get to know the child so well that when they do finally molest their victim they have information to blackmail them. For example, “Don’t you tell or I’ll tell your parents this…” They get to know their victims so well that they know how to manipulate them and confuse them. They essentially become stalkers, but they are not obvious. Paedophiles usually try to establish a great reputation in their communities. Once they have gained a good reputation people do not really pay attention, because they are trusted. This is why the seduction and stalking goes unnoticed.

Paedophiles like to collect things that relate to their sexual perversions. Some examples include pornographic pictures, pornographic videos, and books on sexuality. These items are often introduced to future victims. Remember when we talked about seduction? Well pornographic material is introduced and discussed. This interaction can later be used as blackmail, i.e. “I will tell your parents” or they can use it to confuse the child. Child molesters could say, “Well you acted like you were interested in…so I just tried to show you…it is your fault.” Other items include sex toys, photographic equipment, items for a private darkroom, and any items that children,in the preferred age range, would relate to.

Paedophilia and Types of Paedophiles

Paedophilia is not a curable condition. Paedophiles are sexually obsessed with children and their goal is to get close to children of their preferred age range. Paedophiles' have obsessive-compulsive characteristics and they live within the sexual fantasies they create. Some actually believe that molestation is wanted by the children and that the children enjoy it. However, most know, deep down, that what they are doing is wrong; they just can’t stop.
Paedophiles can be married, single, male, female, bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual. No matter what their sexual preferences are, paedophiles are often also attracted to adults. A paedophile that is attracted to both children and adults is called a Regressed Offender because they bounce back and forth between an adult sexual relationship and criminally assaulting children. There are two main types of paedophiles', the situational and the preferential. Situational Paedophiles' will go after any group that is defenceless, such as the elderly, the mentally-challenged, the handicapped etc. This type prefers children, but will go after another group if they feel stressed. Preferential Paedophiles' like children in a distinct age group and they typically do not deviate from this age group. Both paedophile groups have different sub-types:

The Situational Paedophile has three subtypes:


  1. The Regressed Paedophile has the most balanced life of all the subtypes. They seek female victims and they enjoy the seduction process. This subtype will use child pornography as part of the seduction process and they use the Internet to find vulnerable victims. Female children are preferred, but they will go after a defenceless person if the stress in their life becomes too much. Regressed Paedophiles' have many potential victims in mind. They take their time and move on the child when they feel safe. Although this type of paedophile is more stable than the others, they usually have insecurity issues and they have a hard time having successful interactions with other adults. This subtype prefers oral and vaginal intercourse.


  1. The Indiscriminate Paedophiles' are calm and often charismatic. They are more dangerous because they will try anything sexually and their main concern is their sexual fun at the victim’s expense. The seduction process is long and tedious. Great care is taken to bond with their future victim. The Indiscriminate Paedophiles enjoys child pornography and they want children as their victims. They try to get to know friends of their victims and those children are usually targeted as their next victim.


  1. The Immature Paedophile comes across as strange or weird. This type is more naive and less manipulative than the other groups. Their victims come from their own neighbourhoods and although they have a preferred age range, they will deviate from it. They are happy fondling their victims, but they prefer anal sex and oral sex. The Immature Pedophile is less stable than the other subtypes and they tend to have a lot of stress to deal with. 


The Preferential Paedophile has two subtypes:


  1. The Seductive Paedophile is also known as the fixated type. They are usually homosexual men that prefer male victims. Their seduction process involves buying the future victim gifts or helping them with various things. They became a friend the victim can lean on. As the bond grows sexual innuendo is slowly brought in to the relationship. They may show them pornographic pictures or videos. The aim to confuse their victim about sex and then once the abuse begins they blame the victim. They often have friends that are also paedophiles and they network. This network uses the Internet to find victims and search for pornography. They have a list of potential victims and they know where to find them.  


  1. The Sadistic Paedophile is grotesque when it comes to sexual preferences. They severely abuse their victims and sometimes kill them. They search for the perfect victim and they will travel long distances to gain access to the victim. They stalk and then attack and/or abduct their victim. Their abductions are typically designed to confuse the parents and the authorities. This type of paedophile is usually intelligent and middle to upper class. They like to be on the move and they like change.


Paedophiles' - Child Molesters - Sexual Offenders

Paedophiles, child molesters, sexual offenders…all these names apply to those that stalk and molest our children. They are dangerous and often invisible to us. You can take precautions to protect your children from the unknown child molesters, but you have a great resource for convicted child molesters. The
Registered Offender List offers a list of every convicted sexual offender in your city. After entering your address you will receive detailed photos of the child molester, appearance details, a neighbourhood map, street address,aliases, and the complete details of the molester’s conviction.Parents can also sign up to be notified when a child molester moves into their area. We urge you to use our database to keep your children safe.
Also, read about
child molester characteristics. (we need this here in Australia)

securing jobs and participating in community events that involve children.

o Volunteering to coach children's sports, thus, having opportunities to befriend the parents and then groom the child.

o Attending sporting events for children, thus, learning which parents are absent during the game; Offering to give the child a ride home.

o Volunteering in youth organizations, volunteering to chaperone overnight trips.

o Frequently coming to places children go -playgrounds, malls, game arcades, etc. Befriending the child, who projects loneliness, offering to buy them treats or small items of interest to the child.


Thanks for your time
Angie Boede

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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