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Frederick Brass Frederick Brass
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Frederick Brass

557 W. 148 Street, #1F

New York, NY 10031





I am calling for an investigation and public exposure of the widespread and far reaching abusive practices by the Catholic Church and its enablers. The Catholic Church has financially profited through the sexual abuse of children. At present, bullying and torture is in the national consciousness,and while that attention lasts it's important to underscore that these activities are not new. Bullying and torture have been excused and accepted behavior for decades, and as a society it is time for us to shed light on the insidiousness and destructiveness of these practices.


My ordeal began when I was eight years old and continues to the present. I am 53 years old I have survived six strokes, am in constant pain, and have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was tortured between the ages of 8 and 18. My clavicle was shattered, I was shot, whipped, had live snakes put  clothing and I was held down and had a garden hose used to shoot water in my mouth and nostrils (water boarding). All of this was allowed with the Catholic Church, the Borough of Montoursville and the Montoursville School District covering up for the perpetrators. When I was shot in school, the police found out those who shot me had wanted to use .22 rifles but could not hide them in a gym bag. At the time all this was occurring I was molested by priest, which I reported to my mother but she did not believe a priest could do such a thing.


The complicity of church, state and wealthy individuals to keep anything detrimental to them from being reported by the news media resulted in a cover up of the abuse of children under the guise of protecting property values and preventing higher taxes. Eventually, I, the victim, was removed from society to maintain the status quo. First, I was sent home and teachers came and tutored me for a few months. This did not last as the borough and school district complained of the cost. Then the Catholic Church saw to it I was sent to Divine Providence Hospital where I was going to the cinema and bowling with nurses paid for by Medicaid. This lasted until the church could not explain way I was being kept there and out of school. Then I was informed by priest and my parents that I was going for a test to determine what level I should have at Williamsport Are Community College. I thought I was being sent to take the test. But when I arrived at another hospital to take the test I was seized drugged and kept there until an investigation shut the facility.


It is my belief that the Catholic Church's main reason for taking any action is money. Keeping the donations flowing is paramount, not safeguarding children or promoting the rights of the poor and minorities. To this end there is the public policy, and then there are the unofficial policies that are diametrically opposed to the public policy and disseminated to believers on the political/social right or left. This is done, I believe, to insure that both groups keep giving.


In the narrative I have included incidents that the police and/or medical personnel have investigated or reported. Medicaid was used to pay for the removal of myself and others from society. The Church profited handsomely from their part in this scandal.


I am sending this to the Governors of Pennsylvania and New York as well as their legislatures. President Obama, federal legislators and law enforcement agencies. I am sending copies to the legislators of countries that have also reported this serious problem. The United Nations and NGO's as well as the international media.


I have been ignored for forty years while trying to report these practices. Meanwhile more children have been sexually abused and their suffering used, at least in some cases, to defraud governments. It is evident that this is not a sustainable state of affairs and must stop.



Addendum 2.5

Frederick Brass

557 W. 148 Street, #1F

New York, NY 10031


Dear :


The Catholic Church profited financially from the abuse of children. The children were exploited sexually, physically and legally. I was one of those children. I have written documents outlining years of abuse by the church and their political cronies. It went so far as torture and fraud of public funds. I have enclosed the names of several witnesses and police officers who made reports of this happening at the time of the events. I have more information.


The Early Years 1965-1970

My mother and maternal grandmother worked for the Diocese of Scranton during the time of Bishops Timlin and O'Connor. John O'Connor held the position of bishop in Scranton, Pennsylvania and later was the Cardinal of New York, New York. My grandmother and mother worked in and around Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton for several priests and knew the bishop well.


I was molested by priest. When I told my mother she said "it was a misunderstanding, a priest would never do that." When I insisted my mother answered with "priest would have to answer to god for doing such a thing." She also said this "would kill my grandmother." It was covered up and never reported. Again it was "Satan's fault the priest and church was innocent."


I was tortured between the ages of 8 and 18. My clavicle was shattered,I was whipped, had live snakes put in my clothing and I was held down and had a garden hose used to shoot water in my mouth and nostrils(water boarding). All of this was allowed with the Catholic Church saying "god was using me to call people to him." This was said by Monsignor Fleming and his assistants in their sermons and to my parents to get them to drop the charges against the perpetrators.


At the age of 8, I accompanied my father on his truck to take salt from the mines in Rochester, New York, to the killing fields of Chicago. Once there I heard the mournful sound of animals being killed at the slaughter houses. I became a vegetarian that moment and keep the vow to this day, more than 40 years hence. Alarmed by my refusal to eat meat, my parents called the priest and who told them it was "just a phase "and then, a few weeks later, "it was a rebellion against god." "In the Bible god gave man the animals to eat and not to eat them is to be unthankful to god." I was not allowed to eat anything until I ate meat. This I would not do and I became very weak. Soon I began to pass out and was taken to Divine Providence Hospital emergency room in Loyalsock Township, Pennsylvania.


Once at the ER no priest could be found and the police were called. I was diagnosed with starvation and possibly scurvy. When I was released, I was allowed to eat all the fruits and vegetables I wanted: no meat.

Several priests from the Diocese of Scranton claimed to find the reason for the torture: "Satan had influenced" me to say "Christians should be kind to gays. I had reasoned; if gays were going to hell then the Christians should be kind to them when they are here on earth." According to the priest "the good Christians got carried away in their zeal in helping me see the error of my ways and stop questioning the will of god about gays, women and non-Christians."


Because of the abuse I suffered, my mother, a fervent and devout Catholic,sought the only help she thought was available to her. She would scream at statues in the church to "do something, help him please!"The priest would on occasion use the events in a sermon to say "a young boy from our parish has been tied to a tree and whipped with a crown of thorns to remind us how the lord suffered. We should think about how painful it was and applaud his faith. He offered the pain and suffering to the souls in purgatory."


My mom was told by priests "that she was only a woman, and needed a man to fix the problem." She called the police and Officer Harold Gottshall, who later became Chief of Police in Montoursville, was able to find the perpetrators. They said "it was done because he offends god, he is gay, and he is an n---- lover."


My mother had another visit from the Diocese. They had a problem: some non-Catholic parents were beating their children for not having the highest grades. She could help by convincing me not to get high grades. Then the children would be safe and the rights of the parents would not be violated. This would please god because high grades was a Jewish thing, not Catholic.


When that did not work as well as planned, the priests and my mom decided that I should "say a little prayer so I would not feel so bad when I failed." This caused me to fear and become sickened by any mathematics and English grammar test. In history, geography,literature, science and social studies it would not work as in those classes I seldom would spend extra study time.


I learned history from my great grandparents Charles and Maude Heffner. They were active in Civil Rights, the suffragette movement and unionization of the iron and steel, coal and railroads. My great-grandparents were born into a family that had been active in the Under Ground Railroad and abolitionist movements. Thru them I learned of 40 acres and a mule promise not kept after the Civil War. I asked why it was not kept. And why the people hurt by slavery and their descendents were not compensated? Why were the plantations not broken-up and given to the former slaves as compensation for years of harm?


Then Monsignor Fleming and his assistants where angered by my questions. To say something like that in Montoursville was like throwing gasoline on a lit fire. They claimed that it was a very racist statement. And I was saying that land should be taken from its owners and given to people who did not deserve it. Such a thing god would never condone!


The Diocese was concerned that my actions were more Jewish than Catholic. The priest said that showing concern for the oppressed is a typical Jewish one. Several priests went to my mother and grandmother and told them they were afraid heaven might be closed to me. I was accepting Jewish not Catholic ideas. In CCD classes I was told "that is not Catholic it is Jewish." As a result I became known as the"dirty Jew."


Shot in School -1970-1974

Then I was shot in school and the church covered up to save the town's and school district's reputations. The town and school had to get rid of me before I "got myself killed." The church profited by the cover up because the expenses for the cover up were not borne by the town or school but by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And I was not the only one. The cost to keep me in Divine Providence Hospital going to the library, bookstores and the cinema by nurses was paid by Medicaid. When I asked several priest, including Monsignor Fleming,how can my parents ever pay for this? The entire group laughingly answered "the state is paying the bill!


When I was in 7thgrade, I was shot in school by razor pellet pistols, BB's, a BB pistol and zip guns firing .22 caliber ammunition. A white boy shot by white boys in an all white town and an all white school district. I was shot in the hall and the attackers were in a classroom with the doorway barred with desks and chairs. Chief Harold Gottshall found later that the plan was for me to be shot by .22 rifles but they could not be hidden in a gym bag.

Since at least the early 1960's the priests were claiming that "Satan"was wreaking havoc in their ranks. When visiting my maternal grandmother at a rectory, the constant subject of conversation was"the horrible things that were happening in the church, something so horrible it was going to drive people away from the church."Such things were constantly in vogue especially when the bishop was a guest.


This,I now believe, was covering up the activities of racists, torturers, homophobes and pedophiles within its ranks; ranks including the priests and hierarchy, also the "believers" such as many of my relatives. Anything could be justified to the "believers," until the pedophile scandal became public, by claims of "Satan was wreaking havoc."


I was a vegetarian, a budding artist, an avid reader and questioner of beliefs and authority. As such I did not take part in sports, was indifferent to religion and listened to Mozart and the Beatles. Therefore, in Montoursville I was deemed strange, weird, gay and anti-god.

The church arranged for me to be sent to Divine Providence Hospital. I was sent there for months, and remained there until the insurance company would not continue to pay the expenses of keeping me there. While I was there doing nothing, I asked to see the Psychologist Ms. Judy.She said "I will find out from the doctor why you are here. I do not have experience with someone so young that is why no one is working with you. " I asked her again several weeks later and she said the same. But added "the doctor has not given me an answer as to why you are here." The Dr was a Psychiatrist and was forced to resign from Divine Providence Hospital. I heard he had lost his license to practice and retired to Connecticut.

One person at Divine Providence Hospital, Virginia E., was there to"recover" from lesbianism. She was being tortured with Electro-Shock Therapy.


Then I was told I would be sent for testing to see what level I should have at Williamsport Area Community College (WACC). I was told that once I completed WACCI would be transferred to another college. This was a lie. I was to take the test at Danville State Hospital. I went with my great-grandmother, grandmother, father, mother and the priest my mom invited.


Once at Danville State Hospital, a Dr. Boucher said he was conducting the test for the college. He said he had to speak to my parents first. My parents and the priest went into a room with him. They were in the room for a long time and my grandmother went in and came out saying to my great-grandmother "it's awful the things they are saying, they are not true and the priests are agreeing and I don't know most of them." A priest came out and admonished her to say no more, "SAY NOTHING." At that my grandmother would not say any more. I was seized, drugged and kept there for about two years.


There were student teachers from Bloomsburg State College who tutored us. We were heavily drugged with Thorizine in doses of 3,000 to 5,000 mg three times a day to insure we were tired and lethargic. In spite of this heavy sedation, I was able to complain about conditions to Child Welfare of PA.A state inspector was sent in. I was able to speak with him in private. I told him I did not know a reason why I was there and reported on the conditions there. He, too, did not know why I was there.


At the facility were three other children that the church was involved in their being there. All came after I arrived. They were Karen and Michael (I am not sure of his name) both where from the Wilkes-Barre area and had trouble with bullying in school. I spoke with Karen and her mother and both had said "we asked the parish priest for help in dealing with the school. The priest said he would help them and suddenly Karen was sent to this place. They did not have the money to hire lawyers and fight the church and school." For Michael he had a similar story. I did not meet his parents but he said "his parents asked the priests for help to stop the bullying in school and a few weeks after that I was sent to this place." James P. I only knew for a very short time. James had said "I was sent here because I was bullied in school and our priest helped." James was found dead a few days later.


After he sent in a report Dr. Boucher was forced to resign and we were to be returned home at the end of the school year. Four of the Attendants come to me privately at different times during the last days and each told me "you never belonged here" their names are Messrs. Baylor, Greene, Andes and Fetterman.


I returned home and the Catholic Church still demanded that I forget and forgive what happened to me. A Psychologist I was sent to after I was sent home had asked "why was Fred sent away" and he had been silenced; he was at Divine Providence Hospital.





The Return Home-1974-1976

I could not return to Montoursville High School: they refused to enroll me because they "could not ensure my safety as there were death threats." So I was told that I was not welcome and could not enter the school. I was going to "get myself killed—go somewhere else." In addition my parents refused to move and relatives would not help. So I was sent to Bishop Neumann Catholic High School in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Williamsport is an integrated city and Montoursville, at that time, was definitely a segregated town. The most important detail would be that no scandal would be assigned Montoursville and its white population. I could "get myself killed" anywhere else and no scandal, feared tax increase or lowered property values would befall Montoursville.


In Williamsport the harassment continued without the police responding to calls for help. One day some students at Bishop Neumann High School beat me with wooden and steel poles and I was taken to Divine Providence Hospital again. But an uncle, Robert "Bob" Knittle, from Los Angeles was in town and saw me in the hospital and wanted to know why the police was not called. He went into the school and told them he was suing.


The priest laughed and said they were not going to do anything. "No one cared what happened to him and no one was going to sue them. His family is totally devoted to the church and will do as they are told." Uncle Bob told them "he was going to advertise in the paper and TV to find someone who has a case against the church and he was going to help them sue." "And they could tell the bishop he was not getting a new Cadillac for a long time because they would do nothing." The next day everything stopped. I was not hit or beaten -- nothing for the first time in 10 years -- quiet. A few months later I graduated and I was finally able to get out of there.


After The Horror-1976-1992

Throughout the 1980's I had to accumulate what information I could surreptitiously. People I did not know would come to me and tell me details of my life. In this way I found out how the school, borough and church officials had come to conspire against me. Very little came my way until November and December 1992.


I was in the Williamsport Democratic Club watching the early reports of the Clinton v. Bush race. A man came up to me and said he was a "good friend of California Bob's." My uncle Robert Knittle was known as California Bob and I told the man so. Then he said he "has to tell me the story of how Bob had helped me years before" he also said I can never bring it up again he'll deny everything." He said "the church would ruin him and his family if they ever found out what he has to say."



In August 1992 I entered Lycoming College as a pre-law student. My majors were Economics, Political Science and Philosophy with Genetics as a science elective. I was a member of Lycoming Scholars and International Management Scholars. It was my intention to represent physically and sexually abused children in court.


In December 1992, my daughters came to me with the plight of young African-American girls who were being sexually abused in Harrisburg. I took the information to the Harrisburg City Police and was told "the police could do nothing, they are too underpaid and morale is too low to get involved." I contacted First Lady Hillary Clinton with this situation and the Harrisburg Police soon reconsidered its decision not to investigate. When Monsignor Fleming came to hear of this case, he began to insist on "forgiveness and forgetting the sexual abuse."


During the molestation trial I was abducted from the street, forced into a nearby van, and driven to an apartment by men that identified themselves as "friends" of the defendants. This apartment appeared to be hubs for making bootleg copies of movies that were, as I was told, "off a banana boat from Central America." The films were of women and children being raped and killed. I believe they were real films of atrocities in Central America at that time. The content of these movies was so graphic and violent that I became extremely sickened by the images and vomited.


My captors considered themselves macho for being able to watch those videos. They told me that if the alleged child molesters went near the abused children, my captors would "get them and to leave the police out of it."    They further told me that the alleged child molesters could go after kids on 13thand Derry (a corner in Harrisburg) and get Black and Puerto Rican kids because "The judges and police don't care about them."


I reported this to the Harrisburg Police, the court, and the U.S. Department of Immigration and was told to mind my own business. Further attempts yielded the same results as well as threats to my children's safety from anonymous people on the street. After about six months of trying to report my experiences and getting nowhere, I stopped my efforts since by that time the apartment was no longer being used.


In a separate matter concerning child custody hearings when my former wife and I were divorcing, in another county, the Family Court Master said he could not use the child custody agreement I wrote in Lycoming County. "Here we stay with the biblical truth as our guide," he said. "The mother is always the best choice for custody. A mother never hurts her children."  I asked about the Smith case in South Carolina and he replied "that never happened." He was known to be a religious fundamentalist and I thought it best not to press the issue so as to not completely lose contact with my children.


The case was sent to Family Court before Judge Keiser in Lycoming County. In pre-trial hearing he ruled "no questions – questions would be contempt of court and be dealt with harshly." Not being able to question the judge without endangering the welfare of the children, I went back to court and sat in the gallery.  In the gallery, I sat with several "official court watchers." I enquired what an "official court watcher" was, and found they were given the job "voluntarily" by a minister to watch a judge and report on what is happening in the courts.

I also found out the judge was throwing fits, tossing books, papers and files across the room, screaming and threatening defense attorneys with contempt charges as well as hitting the furniture. This was a common behavior several times a day. He would say "I am not to say this but I feel I must, is there daily spiritual instruction for the children? A parent that does not instruct a child in the ways of god is not a parent." While there I watched as grandparents and parents agreed with this enthusiastically. They were offering how they were not the problem; they could not control their 18- 20 year olds as they lost their "fear of god."


I planned to get my children away from these people. What happened to me years before was not going to happen to them. Monsignor Fleming was again involved. He told me: "No atheist is going to embarrass and exploit the Catholic Church and god. No judge is going to accept atheist lies from you."

Lycoming County Courts had undergone a drastic change at that time. The President Judge, Thomas Raup, who had been in office for a long time, had just retired. He was a reformer and believed in taking the welfare of the child as paramount. He did not accept religious dogma to replace law in his court.


Judge Raup had become a Professor of Political Science at Lycoming College after he retired. He taught pre-law classes and assigned students to see a judge in action. He made an assignment to "observe how a judge acts in a real court." At least one class went to Judge Keiser's court and observed his "fits." Reporting to Professor/Judge Raup how judge Keiser acted judge Raup said "he had heard how Keiser was acting but he had never been able to see or hear it himself."


Helping Children-1996-2000

In 1997, while working as Business Manager at the State Constable's Office, I applied for an appointment as Constable. I was informed by an investigator for the Dauphin County District Attorney's office that I was not acceptable because I was "uniquely unqualified for an appointment." Inspector Graver went on to say, "You're overqualified because you have too much education to work with the judges and police in this county. You should go to Philadelphia or New York City since you're way too liberal for this area. You have shown interest in abused children and women, and that means trouble here." He added, "Hillary will not be in the White House forever." This was a rather odd statement. I think it was in reference to my attempts to report child molestations to the police. It should be noted that there are no Constables active in Philadelphia, and why New York City was mentioned I do not know as it is in another state.


While working at The State Constable's Office, I developed a business plan for the Constable to provide protective services to abused children and spouses. The plan was outlined to Judge Jeannie Turgeon. As a plan, it had progressed to the point of filing with the State as a non-profit corporation. Having developed the plan to this point with the knowledge and support of the Constables, I was astounded to be told that I was "overqualified" to be appointed constable because of "too much education."


My mother died of renal cancer on November 19, 1998. On November 16/171998 I discovered from my father that it was my mother who had informed the Catholic Church of all my plans and writings. He said "she tore out of here within 5 minutes of you leaving. She went right to the priest with the computer disks she copied and they did a rain dance over it so it was blessed. The priest then sent it to the bishop. They all were interested in what you were up to and she was always asked to find out more; and she did. She was sure that you got ‘A's' because the bishop was saying special mass for you."


I was horrified to find this out. I did not know any of this. My mother was teaching computer applications at Pennsylvania College of Technology, an editor for Peachtree Publications and could type more than 100 WPM. This is why I asked her help with my college papers. She had agreed that NO ONE would be told of any of my work.


After her death I continued to seek custody. Priests I did not know came to me at my mother's funeral and told me that I should "give up the custody thing and go about my life free without children to tie you down." I told them "I am not going to do that." I also told them that I did not want to discuss it with them.



In 2001 I had the first stroke. By August 2002 I had three strokes and was awarded Social Security Disability. Within months I found my Social Security was being attached. No one at Social Security in Reading would say why because of a Judicial Gag Order. When I asked where those additional funds were being distributed, they could not tell me because the Courts have sealed those records. I have tried time and again to get answers in Pennsylvania to no avail.


I asked people to look into this for me. I was told a few weeks later that I had "really pissed-off priest, judges and politicians with your crusade to save children and this was the pay back. No one could help you now."


A Social Security Office in New York told me that a judge in Dauphin County Pennsylvania had ordered the seizing of my Social Security and issued the gag order. I then got then services of an attorney in New York and had the payments restored but I did not get any of the money already taken. Although, the Social Security office in PA did give mean accounting of the funds being deducted from me, I never received an accounting of where those other funds went.


In addition, at the time I suffered these strokes, I was a Berks County, Pennsylvania employee. Upon being granted Social Security Disability, I had to retire. I was never able to get the retirement benefits due me from the County because they were blocked. I was told of the problem by a whistle blower, and I have never been able to find an attorney to help me resolve this issue.


The Catholic Church has tampered again and again with my civil rights, and my right, under the Constitution of the United States of America, to separation of Church and State. They encouraged my parents to turn a blind eye to the acts of assault being perpetrated on me as a child. They stood in my way, years later, to have a more active part in the lives of my children.





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