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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

Never Again just got real

"Actively resisting the atrocities & Human Rights abuses of the Christian religion"
"Helping to build a better world simply because we are evolving, developing and maturing humans."
"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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2010 The opening of the era of free-thought, reason, social justice and the ability to be moral and good without the need for a god or their demi-gods.

I am dropping Christmas this year what with all the sexual abuse issues the church has and it is bringing Christianity down with it. That the Catholic church is based on false dogma and failed social capabilities is not in doubt any longer, the endless ruminating their entrails are splattered across the world press and the Internet on an exponential increasing basis. The idea that the catholic god is not good is clear and evident - the amazing thing is that so many other Christian religions who are being brought down because of the Catholic church's failures are seemingly mute in the face of this for them stunning circumstance.

In less than a year the catholic church has gone from a doubtful contender for hypocrite of the millennium award to a religion that is be so polluted with sexual and social crimes that today the single word of Catholic is instantly and indelibly associated with pedophile.

Today is has simply become a laughing matter when there is mention of the holiness church or the one true church which is followed by the repeated apologies of governments and the church for the endless criminal process they are entrenched in with continued pleas to look at all the good works undertaken in the past.

All that seems just a tad shallow when the outcry is about the rape of many as children by members of the clergy. No one needs God to tell them this is the most socially destructive activity that a society could undertake unless the plan was to morally destroy the entire society yet the catholic church is and remains deeply involved and incapable of honorably extracting itself from the disease from within.

Society is taking a clear and long look at the entire history of the church and it shows little change over the centuries from being embroiled in world domination and wealth and power accumulation for the clergy. The soiled hands of the Catholic church reach into all areas of our daily lives and we live with the result of centuries of failure.

How long must we play the charade of all is well by our governments, how much longer must we continued to trade and deal with the non-democratic state of the church when we are at the same time prepared to got to war to uphold our rights to live in a democracy.

What form of dementia or delusion leads our country and our leaders to permit a non-democratic organization embroiled in genocide, the sexual and physical abuse of children across the globe the right to a tax benefit and the freedom to operate under their own undemocratic rule of law and to simultaneously serve our sick, our poor and our needy and through providing extension of government services.

How much longer do we get to put up with the sham of being publicly defrauded by a failed and incapable religion as well as by their failed followers and proponents in our state and federal governments.

The long overdue call for a wide ranging Royal Commission into both the government and church roles in both permitting and enabling the abuses and the inability to control and manage these problems.

While the crux of the issues are centered and concentrated in the shortcomings of the religiously constipated political 

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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