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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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JohnB Australian Foreign Minister places the law of the Catholic church above the laws of Australia
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"Australian Foreign Minister places the law of the Catholic church above the laws of Australia"
Using Rudd's thinking and with the way the church treats victims by continuing to discriminate against a particular group of individuals whilst it continues to protect, hide and move sexually abusive priests, while it continues to operate so-called independent commissions (the same world over with the possible exception of Belgium), upholding statute of limitations through the abusive use of their religious power and to the shame of the world Kevin Rudd has simply approved of this discrimination as well as accepting on behalf of all Australians the fact that our country will continue to permit the Catholic church to self manage its crimes.

There is no difference in this act of denial of the scope and of the extent of the abuses carried out against children across the globe in their tens of thousands than trading directly in the lives and safety of children.

While ever there exists a survivor of clerical sexual abuse the church will have a need to influence at the highest levels of society this type of selective discrimination of this demographic. The effects of this on the rest of society are such that this need has to exist across all areas of our society. There is no need to point out areas that are both related and dysfunctional in all government and church areas of society as there are simply too many examples that we each are aware of with many of us experiencing the failures of our social systems.

Australia approves through its silence with this trading and dealing in the lives of survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of catholic clergy. Australia silently approves of this discrimination against these survivors - it does not approve of the same discrimination against survivors of sexual abuse by non-religious perpetrators.

Kevin Rudd has simply traded away the human rights, the right to justice and equality Kevin Rudd has stripped the right of a fair go from this particular set of individuals.

Through these words Kevin Rudd has shown himself to be an accomplice in the crimes against humanity as recently stated by Geoffrey Robertson QC.

These words not only approves of the Catholic church self managing its crimes its send the message to every religious denomination that it too can self manage their crimes through discrimination via whatever means they are able to exploit. This clearly places the law of the Catholic church above the laws of Australia and risks an all out, open slather for other churches and religions.

The population is held to ransom by the dysfunctional and criminal actions of the Catholic church hierarchy and the entire population must permit the Catholic church to act as both perpetrator and judge against the most vulnerable and exploited group of individuals based on the fact that their perpetrator was a member of the Catholic clergy.  This is the most obvious and blatant piece of discrimination our country has ever been duped into. This makes Australians the supreme of religious hypocrisy. Australia is not a Christian country - Australia is now a Catholic country which is now free to determine its own rights in cases of criminal activity. That 'right' is set and determined by the same Catholic church hierarchy which instigated and enacted a cover up for more than 140 years of the sexual abuses by its priests.

Kevin Rudd's right to practice his religious beliefs does not give him the right to abandon the right to equal opportunity and to the same recourse to a legal remedy as the rest of the population through denying the existence of the extent of the crimes which number anywhere from hundreds of thousands through to many millions of survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy. No part of the Australian government, Constitution, act of parliament, law or ideal gives the right for any member of parliament or public servant or for any Australian to exempt a particular group amongst them to be treated in a different way than others who have suffered the same crime at the hands of those other than Catholic priests.

It is this mentality that has brought to every state in the country broken and dysfunctional child protection and child services. It is the mentality of Kevin Rudd that ensures that these problems and the lack of justice all victims of domestic and sexual crimes experience due to the failures of the government and the legal system to afford proper protection under the law to their citizens. Neither Kevin Rudd nor the Prime Mister has the right to exempt from the law the crime of sexual abuse against a limited set of individuals simply because the crimes committed against them were carried out by Catholic clergy.

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

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