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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

Never Again just got real

"Actively resisting the atrocities & Human Rights abuses of the Christian religion"
"Helping to build a better world simply because we are evolving, developing and maturing humans."
"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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Exposing your child to a Catholic education can endanger their sexual safety.
Inform yourself of the global scope and scale of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic church.
Understand that should your child be sexually abused by Catholic clergy they will join the ranks of the millions who are denied an equal right to justice in a civil court.

Catholic educated children are groomed for the exclusive use of sexually abusive Catholic clergy.

No minimum joining age is shown to be a major contributing factor of the global clergy abuse crisis.

The Catholic church is unable to formulate and implement a global child safety policy nor can it provide a meaningful and appropriate response.

Catholic church laws demand secrecy from followers in regards sexual crimes. When rape becomes an integral part of a religious system as it has done globally within the Catholic church it is time to consider alternative education for your child. Choose an education which does not engender a cover up mentality. Choose an education for your child which can teach through its actions as well as its words.

The catholic church can offer nothing but excuses and apologies for the sexual abuse and murder of children. We advise that you find a better role model for your children.

Exposing a child to a Catholic education can endanger their sexual safety and their future success in life.

Those who have experienced a catholic education are well groomed and educated for the purpose of maintaining the covering up of sexual abuses against children - make sure it is not your child's abuse they cover up next year..

Act responsibly, choose wisely, be informed when choosing education for your child in 2010.

Be a responsible parent in 2010 - put your child's safety first.

Written and authorized by JohnB

A community awareness initiative

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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