SoCAA - Clergy Study Australia


A study to determine the veracity of the statement that the Catholic clergy is filled with the best educated men and women of action and compassion and are capable of providing support, guidance and assistance to survivors of childhood sexual abuse by their fellow clergy men and women.

SoCAA is inviting Catholic clergy to contact us on 0756412311 or with whatever offers of support and assistance they can provide.

Each survivor assisted will be noted publicly to acknowledge the compassion, knowledge and understanding of Catholic clergy of this issue. We will provide opportunities to distribute via Social Media and Internet technologies each and every endeavour.

Your role should you choose to engage with us is to make contact with a Catholic or Catholic clergy and advise them of our offer. You may inform that we have an extensive inventory of survivor contacts who have an even greater range of immediate to urgent needs to be taken care of.

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Australia 0756412311

Prepared, written and distributed by John A Brown
Please distribute to any know survivors of clergy abuse in Australia.
“A trauma informed, evidence based tool-set for survivors to assist in ridding themselves of the effects of religion induced traumas in their early childhood.”

**Catholic Version 2.02.9