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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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JohnB JohnB - Fwd: JohnB - Submission re issues paper 10 Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services
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Subject: JohnB - Submission re issues paper 10 Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 10:32:35 +1000
From: MBS <>

Submission re issues paper 10 Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services

I would like to firstly address the issue of hijacking.

Hijacking of the independent position of this Royal Commission with regard to its Christian identity and connections.
Hijacking of the trauma of victims by authorities such as the Royal Commission when it incorrectly identifies and labels psychological trauma as a spiritual or faith event or circumstance.
Hijacking of the procedural fairness.
Hijacking of the right of children in the future to be safe and protected so that they can flourish as human beings without being subjected to indoctrination.

The Chair of the Commission in a recent opening address at the ANZATSA (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse) 7th Biennial International Research, Theory and Practice Conference referred to traumatic psychological injury as "spiritual" harm or spiritual damage despite there being no substantiated evidence to support the existence of such entities other than found in a myriad of fables, legends, myths, superstitions, beliefs, ideas and faith based claims pertaining to spirituality. Without any evidence it has to be assumed that these unfounded claims, legends or mythology referred to by the Chair are in relation to the Christian religion and beliefs.

At that address the Chair of the Commission when speaking on the impacts of child sexual abuse stated "People who have been abused in religious institutions report spiritual impacts – in particular, negative impacts on their belief in God. They report reduced engagement and involvement with the church. They report feelings of distrust and anger towards the church. This can lead to a crisis in faith, increasing discomfort with religious rituals, and rage at the church for its perceived role in occasioning and concealing the abuse. For some, this can lead to the abandonment of faith altogether.[3]"

One wonders how this toxic paragraph made its way through any procedural fairness or validating process in a multi-million dollar enquiry leaves many of us speechless at the audacity on display and the use of language to position mystical beliefs on a par with evidence based diagnosis; the hijacking of the position of Chair of this Commission is not in the interest of justice. The there is no evidence to support the claims of the existence of a spiritual state there is a vast amount of evidence supporting the millions of facts that neuroscience, biology, psychology and a wealth of other scientific evidence that we are a deeply psychological animal and that we can be subjected to psychological torture or entrapment. In order to accept the notion of spirituality the Royal Commission must step outside the bounds of the known universe and our knowledge of how it is made and functions into the realm of mythology and superstition.

Through defining events when the basis of those events have no plausible evidence and to go further to define these as a negative does deny the experience of every child and individual on the planet who has turned away from these abusive institutions as their mythology amounts to lies when it has no basis in fact or is devoid of real evidence. The worst possible aspect is that this hijacks the experience of a great many of those of us who were abused through the use of fantastic lies and deceptions and now many decades later those same lies and deceptions find their way into the description of our experience from the fraudulent perspective of our abusers.While actively denying the real experience of so many survivors this also denies that their experience of these myths and legends was one that included life threatening trauma that last indefinitely unless treated. Hijacking the life experience of a childhood trauma and using it to proselytise from the Christian or belief perspective in an address such as that given by Justice McClellan will take a permanent place in our history and it will not be one that is seen as smiling upon the rights of survivors and the rights of children in the not too distant future. 

If the Royal Commission intends to research these mystical aspects it must be balanced by the counters of evidence based research from areas such as psychology, anthropology, biology, neuroscience and more else what is real will have been hijacked once again into the cause of mystical beliefs that are used to access vulnerable children unless these claims can be supported by validated evidence.

While these events are identified in this way it denies the full truth to come to the fore and actually engages in the processes of coverup which is something I personally believe that Chair of the Commission does not want. The perspective of those who have successfully abandoned a faith based belief system and for the first time in their lives have correctly learned from and based their experience on an evidence based system is not a perspective that can be seen in the references to these religious aspects.

For many who experience a crisis of faith come out of it with a greater sense of their self and a growing knowledge of the real world in which they live and do not see that as a loss in that regard; their is a great deal of grieving and sadness at having been deceived for a lifetime and then when they eventual get to speak their truth they are blackballed and rejected. At times this has been across the entire spectrum of community and government and has been the cause of immense, unnecessary human suffering and simply cannot be supported today in the light of the evidence.

Unlike the many sexually abusive clergy and the compromised Catholics who support them as shown by the evidence of the Royal Commission one begins to wonder if the implacable resistance the Commission has shown to bringing that evidence out to the world is being stifled by the good works of faithful followers of a failed religion or if an offer to publish the livestream evidence is met with a response from the Commission of not being helpful and to add to that the hidden nature and the complexity of the way the publicly published evidence of the Commission remains nearly invisible to the rest of the world is a flaw that can result from an infection of good Catholic helpers - are these the works of a toxic injection of a failed faith belief system or are they the deliberate intention of the Commission?

Realising that you are responsible for yourself and that no mystical being will step in to intervene on your behalf is a process of human development and of personal growth and should be never be minimised and degraded through identifying it as some mystical experience. To accept one side of that is to deny the side of reality and that which is dependent upon evidence.

If this Royal Commission can be duped into supporting the distorted faith and beliefs of the abusive institutions unless there is real evidence for them then there will never be an outcome that can be said the be child safe; it must also become constipated with sophistry that attempts to dismiss the reality that the rest of the planet has survive on. The insanity or degree of sophistry of this circumstance simply astounds when it can be considered under the rules of evidence that the personality referred to as God is a person of significant interest with an infinite knowledge of these abuses and given the powers of this Commission it should subpoena God so that he/she/it may give us the benefit of that knowledge. Reducing the response to this to the argument of a personal God simply will not carry as the references pertain specifically to the Christian God; for those of us who never held that belief or those who were blackmailed, bribed, terrified, abused, tortured or deceived by that particular God and now no longer have a belief in the supernatural must be excluded from the processes. There appears to be a growing amount of evidence in support of this toxic circumstance where perhaps an individuals beliefs are empowered from with to over-ride and to hijack the stated goals and intentions of the Commission.

For those of us who give first priority to the human rights of individuals and to the safety and the protection of children there is and must be the presumption of independence from the tools, doctrines and beliefs that were used to abuse us; this is not evident in the above quote where pre-existing beliefs have been hijacked and used used to describe psychological phenomena as religious or spiritual aspects which is a move away from the claim of the Commission to be guided by evidence. The role of the Commission has been brought into disrepute through these actions which have effectively hijacked the position and role of the Commission and must be addressed so that there is not only the appearance of balance and independence it must exist in practice else the Commission will have been firstly forced into a faith based quack who has been hijacked into abusing the human rights of many today and on into the future.

A trauma informed perspective must firstly accept that trauma exists in such a transaction; it does and it is harmful and damaging however it is not confined exclusively to people of the faith of the many abusive institutions. These forms of trauma or not the prevail of people of religion whose plight the Commission must treat equally and fairly with those of no faith of beliefs in mysticism. Research into cause and recovery must be focused on the evidence and not into unfounded beliefs unless there is sound evidence to support the claims and the basis of those claims.

From the perspective of keeping the myths alive the mystical beliefs of the Catholic religion requires a return to mental bondage as the only form of healing when in fact the greater the distance from these toxic aspects the great and more rapid the recovery of the victim. Being saved by religion is in fact the hijacking once again of a toxic aspect of the one of humanity's worst aspects of human nature.

The God referred to in the above is the celestial spy connected and controlled by deranged men that is deceptively placed into the mind of very young vulnerable children who remain psychologically entrapped in the worst of all possible forms of mental slavery; vulnerable children are supposed to be protected from this form of psychological entrapment yet every Catholic child experiences this traumatic event and remains adversely affected through toxic bonding for the rest of their existence unless they stumble upon or are exposed to the truth of their experience. Psychology describes such an experience as one filled with horror and extreme terror at the thought of having a perpetual spy that cannot be removed yet is in thrall with those in authority over the child unless it bonds with its controllers - all done of course in the child's best interest long before it has a chance to assess any potential benefit. The child's right to be free of such entrapment is denied through the rites, rituals and dogma of Catholics and other religions.

That children have been and are mentally bonded through trauma has been the mainstay of the Catholic and other religions and the millions of survivors that escape its grasp have a perspective that is strongly based on what science has learned and expects that this Commission will see that it gains suitable prominence in its works over the next two years so that all who are affected can be shown the truth of how their lives have been hijacked to suit the needs and disgusting wants of others who have already been adversely affected for decades.

The issue of the bulk or easy access to religion based psychology has become a toxic life threatening event for many who simply want to find a means of recovery and to not be secretively or deceptively drawn back into the toxic nature of a religious existence when they are seeking to further the distance between themselves and the myriad bad ideas and thinking of believers in mystical things that have no supporting evidence.

John A. Brown.


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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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