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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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JohnB Royal Commission asking for more to come forward
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Subject: JohnB - A criticism re your web site
Date: Thu, 01 May 2014 09:26:26 +1000
From: <>
To: Royal Commission Media <>

An easily fixed problem exists as from the release of your new web site.In professional circles this problem is usually addressed at an early stage as it is a very common aspect when changing the structure of a website.The difficulty currently encountered by the Royal Commission website comes about when there has been no forward planning or when implementing the new web site there has been no thought or consideration for the fact that the site has been in operation for many months where every link has been indexed by search engines and bookmarked by tens of thousands of stakeholders and interested persons.Positions in search engines has been long established, the new web site breaks all those established connections and begins the process over again throwing away any benefit and good work already in place. The fix is not difficult to implement, A flat file can manage a small number of pages to be redirected to the new location a small table in a database can handle numbers beyond that of the number of pages in the previous site. In the event that a page has been removed a statement of assistance should be offered along with a site map of the old pages linked to the site map of the new generation web site. There are many other options available.Not only has the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work that the Royal Commission has expended been thrown away, position in search engines is lost almost entirely at the most critical stage of the Royal Commissions push to have people come forward.This type of blunder is impossible to implement in a professional environment where the people have experience of managing web sites or permitted to carry out what is necessary to provide a professional web presence.It staggers those of us who have a small knowledge of these issues that the Royal Commission would permit such an act of sabotage towards the Royal Commission and the victims, survivors and the people of Australia.If you are so bloody incompetent then please take this as an application for the role of web site management and public relations on the same money that you are paying to those doing the work of sabotage.You advertise on Twitter that our input will be taken, we ask questions and you do not answer us. At times your answers are nothing short of bullshit when reviewed on a professional basis, then you ask us to come forward while we take all the risks which due to the fuck up of funding for survivors we also take the financial burden unaided and unassisted.Before I and before many others find ourselves homeless, shunned and abandoned as mentally defective persons I will lead the way by blowing my brains out in your foyer in what undoubtedly would be a failed attempt to convey to you the reality of the abuse and the fact that the Catholic religion is a religion based on trauma, threat, blackmail,intimidation, cosy relationships and helpful people who all want to do their best to draw us back into the very same abusive relationship that we have spent our entire lifetime getting away from as it is so bloody toxic.The trauma each and every Catholic child faces between the ages of 3 to5 are traumatic to such a degree that over hundreds of years we get to live in a country that claims to follow what centuries of abuse and exploitation has sold to the people of the nation as being for their own good while making fantastic claims that are supposed to never be questioned.The stupidity of such a circumstance is commonly spoken of in a wide range of circles; that bubble has burst and is never going back together no matter what acts you take against those of us wishing to tell the truth of this to the Royal commission and to the world.As a way of digressing from the real issues that I have encountered with the Royal Commission I decided to put those things aside recently and visited your new site as a way of making another new beginning. Apart from the few problems associated with the points I raised above I have called your offices and spoken to Ingrid on reception, I have offered my services free of charge, I have explained my credentials and some of my experience.I have written several small critiques in the hope that the Royal Commission would fix up some of those problems. At one point I felt that even if the worst possible outcome were to happen and none of our stories of survival and the reality of what we faced as children were to remain hidden from the community that we would at least have a web site that works for our benefit after all that would be the least possible we could hope for in those circumstances.Getting your attention has not been difficult. Getting a mature and professional response has been the part we find to be missing.The ball is in your court. You can either get your act together in your own way and we will continue to publicly criticize your poor work and its failures by taking your methods apart at each and every step and detailing how and why your actions are part of your plan to fail those of us and the whole country who want to see an end to this sort of shit in their life and their world.If you do not know how to operate this web site on a professional basis then please hand in your resignation so that hopefully the next highly paid individual will show us that they know how to implement the basics of web site development and promotion or accept the advice from those of us you continue to call victim.I don't need your apologies or excuses,I simply need to see this fucking web site up and running and looking like it is a professional show even if it is handicapped in many ways by dickheads and lawyers in the background or higher up in the hierarchy or are we to expect that web management will be just another toxic aspect of the cover up of the global sexual abuse of children by clergy?I do expect a response and I expect it to come quickly and I expect it to have an outcome of the proper functioning of the Royal Commission web site so that it caters to the needs of all its stakeholders and not just to those who want to make its operations as difficult and as expensive as possible and are willing to sabotage the progress of what is today expected from a professional web service.

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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