SoCAA - Community Awareness

April in many countries is Child Abuse Awareness month.

We are often asked how can we help?

Increasing awareness of the reality of child abuse is often not an easy task as so many want to turn a blind eye to the reality.

In 2009 I met with Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson to speak with him on the matter of child abuse by Catholic clergy. Bob assured me that increasing community awareness was the key to the whole country gaining a better understanding.

In that regard I have watched carefully to see where Bob has been proactive in bring a greater awareness to the community and I have found a large gap in what Bob said and what Bob does.

In that regard I decided to offer Bob a challenge, my challenge is that I will do more in the months of April and May than Bob Atkinson has done in the past 10 years to raise awareness of the reality behind child abuse. I will go further than that by adding that by saying that in those months I will do more than both Bob Atkinson and Royal Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald have done in this regard in the past 10 years combined.

Now that is a pretty big ask of anybody so that is why I have contacted you to ask for you assistance in getting this message out there.

The message that both Bob Atkinson and Robert Fitzgerald have not put out into the community can be found here at the following web address

To help us track our combined efforts to help educate the community you can add a unique identifier to this address by simply adding the following &ref= and then adding up to 55 characters (no spaces or special characters permitted) - the address will then look something like

At the end of May we will check to see who has been able to obtain the greatest amount awareness in the community.

You can go to to register your reference. The tool will generate a reference for you as well as register it against your name or email address. Please tick the box to say if you want you name private or public.

“A trauma informed, evidence based tool-set for survivors to assist in ridding themselves of the effects of religion induced traumas in their early childhood.”

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