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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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Sue Cox It's Not Fair!
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Well what a result! So good that all of our hard work with the UN has actually borne fruit.!

For Survivors of clergy abuse, this is a rare and new experience! We are so used to being disregarded, dismissed, lied about abused again and again by this narcissistic church that it is quite overwhelming to be championed by the UN CRC in such a magnificent way!

They absolutely did the right thing, and are standing up and being counted, what an historic turnabout!

There are those  who will cynically say "But will they DO anything?"  and they are right, of course, actions are a lot  louder than words, and after centuries of the church pulling the wool over everyone's eyes, it is hard to believe that something will happen to take them to task.

But this is a brilliant beginning!! The first time a body of such significance has put them right on  the spot  where they belong , shone a spotlight on some of their  sinister dark corners , and has promised to keep the pressure up, and not let them off the hook.

It was overwhelmingly difficult to be in that toxic negative environment which pervades whenever so many of them are in the room together, smug,self satisfied dishonest.

I think it is because it is so important to us, and we are so passionate about this cause that we get so emotional! We have a lot invested in this fight, and it is emotionally draining.There are those there who have at their heart a political agenda, they don't have the same passion, but they are able to stay detached.

And now like every other Narcissist that is cornered, they have come out spitting and snarling and shouting "It's not fair!!"!!

What the F... do they know about FAIR? they have destroyed innocence for centuries, trampled over human beings and  (LIKE EVERY OTHER NARCISSIST!) have had absolutely NO concerns other than their own preservation.

They say that the report doesn't take into account the "good measures they have put in place to safeguard children in the last decade"! Tell that to the children who are coming forward almost daily to report abuses, tell it to the Italian  deaf survivors who, despite the priests who abused them being found guilty by the "congregation of the doctrine of the faith "  are still in their same ministry- still in the same positions to violate more children!

They say the report doesn't talk about all the "good work" they are doing in Africa, Asia, South America, more schools, more children's homes etc. WHAT!!

I think it is bloody scary that they are reaching further into these continents, where there is very little policing and they can run amok- I think those countries should be  afraid - be VERY afraid!

We are now in  the age of communication- they can no longer rely on victims to be isolated , either by geography or by their disabilities, they are cornered! And like rats in traps are screaming "It's not fair"

What IS fair is what the UN committee did this week! They made a real start! They paved the way for other Secular organisations to show their revulsion at this appalling organisation and make them be open to scrutiny, to begin to "do the right thing" something they bang on about to others,  placing  themselves on the moral high-ground!
The catholic church will NEVER change of it's own volition, never do anything willingly, they will never do anything unless they are cornered, So the answer is to keep them cornered!

I am delighted with the brave stance of the UN, and now I wait to see the others follow suit.The European Court of human Rights, the International Criminal Court, we now need YOU to be emboldened by the UN committee and step up!  That would be FAIR!

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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

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