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Global Declaration of a Public Moral Danger to our Children and a Moral Menace to Society

Never Again just got real

"Actively resisting the atrocities & Human Rights abuses of the Christian religion"
"Helping to build a better world simply because we are evolving, developing and maturing humans."
"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"
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JohnB Mistakes, errors and oversights at the Royal Commission
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Concordats with federal government, multiple memorandums of understanding between police and the Church, government departments fail through fear to respond as politicians afraid of who will be impacted if action is taken all become a part of the answer as to why this all happened - Institutional failure of the highest order at the highest level.

Plenty of legal advice was sought and used according to the evidence. At least the Salvation Army stumbled across the concept that they had been receiving poor legal advice. No crime against that it seems as every poor lawyer just like every poor church needs to do everything in its power to keep the status quo rolling - who wants to see that cash cow come to a stop, besides everyone has a right to earn a living.

The Salvos were more the morally constipated, befuddled allegiances as a result of foggy thinking about which law should be applied to sinful and moral issues once they could work out if their religious laws had run their course and a vocabulary bereft of words phrases such as "this is a criminal matter", "it is a crime", "I have a responsibility to report crimes to the police" whereas there should have been no difficulty for the bewigged with a silken touch for steering a foggy path via a ladder built on "it's a matter of opinion" to see that criminal events were not being properly processed via the legal system. Every lawyer and silk in the country ever since I was a child refused to take on a case against the Catholic Church. They were cowed and beaten; oh they had plenty of words but nothing of substance when it came to making a legal challenge against the Church. When the legal institutions of the country have been held to blackmail through decade upon decade of being stymied at every level the proactive end of the legal services left survivors to become the victims of the the quick settlement, often for tens of thousands below the low ceiling set by the Catholic Church.

The folklore of survivors tells many stories of the rise and rise of some law firms and of the risk of handy deals with many knowing that some lawyers and services receive their service costs from the Church and as the tale goes there is profit to be made from double dipping either directly or via add-on services. These folkloric tales at times ring with notions of systemic failures that adversely affect society being put aside to level old scores in age old feuds or just for the money God or the glory of being seen up front and center at the Red Mass where the winners of God's legal lottery praise the Lord and the bishop for all his good endeavors. The regularity of the monthly, quarterly or annual retainer fees are a God send; the more difficult manipulations of the law and colluding Magistrates and Judges are simply the cream on top of the cake.

While we are talking about institutional failures it would seem appropriate to talk about how the mental health system and policing just so happened to inadvertently across the board aid and abet in crimes against children.

All of this of course is back in the 70s, nothing like that about today of course. This was noted in evidence when community services acknowledged that there was some momentum happening in their environments and she made particular note of the timing to the establishment of the Royal Commission. Now if I was Commissioner Bob and I had the supreme sleuthing powers that he holds I feel that I could if I stood on my tippy toes and peering deeply get the inclination that the brakes had been on somewhere in the Community Services department or in the system above the department. I for one an keen to hear the testimony of the secretarary of each public servant and politician involved. It is fortunate that this information comes from the top of the department so just in case there is a spinning compass that might randomly choose to look downstream for the cause (scapegoat - for those who did not know how that works). In this instance it appears that upwards is the only direction to fly.

Although when you casually think about it in an off-handed sort of way you would likely put the task with a commissioner who has had no previous exposure to such high risk, high value criminal behaviors where the old boys and past deals get to make the day. Oh how refreshing it is to ponder the institutional failures with regard to the sexual abuse of children by the religious, their followers and obedient servants. The way it currently stands is that the whole surrounding community including police, health, government were all on the right track as they are assuring us is in place today.

Folklore has it again that the words sounds familiar and like the biblical structure both the government and the Church are built on it is all just a fantasy and another play in God's battle to save the world.

Meanwhile men raised in a culture devoid of an ability to show compassion or responsibility whose moral compass has like the lawyers deviated when it came to the money, lawyers and the legal fraternity just like health is made up in our society of a toxic mix of competing religions punting for the funds and the control of the people so that they can do more of the good work that really was not there now of course because the Royal Commission has said so.

If ever there was an institutional failure it has been the process of funding support services that are at times and in ways just as abusive as was experienced in the childhood of the survivors. The victims industry was rife with scavenging headhunting agenda driven support groups claiming to bring healing through applying the same psychologically manipulative methods as used by your abusers. All done in your best interests of course. Numbers were the thing needed as were a string of permanently and irrevocably damaged and injured victims to be held up to the world as an example of all the good work some partially deluded and partially justified outraged Catholic woman. God did not protect us from outraged Catholic women wanting to heal us through bring us back into the loving arms of a blood sacrifice that we can all cannabalize on a Sunday - will the Royal Commission be able to save us so that children can be born into this world without carrying the sins of everyone since the mythological Adam and Eve - that would be a good starting point.

Follow that up by protecting male children from having the end of their penis cut off simply to suit the superstitious needs of some portion of a divided Catholic Church and their equally divided and deluded fellow Christian Churches as the evidence at the Royal Commission continues to show.

It would be an institutional failure to leave children exposed to being bonded days after their birth into a religion from which they can never truly escape from despite Australia claiming that they have the right to freely choose when they reach adulthood when we all know that once the fear of God and Hell are instilled in a child it is there forever. It is there forever and strips forever the right that child has to reach adulthood without being entrapped by fear into something they may not wish to belong to; the boys among them may not wish to have their natural body intact upon reaching adulthood. It would be an egregious failure to leave children in an environment where they must succumb to persona attacks against their person and their mind.

It would be an institutional failure to come this far and then to leave the survivors to fend for themselves without any clear guidelines that can be derived from the painful lessons learned by the Royal Commission just as it would be a failure to leave children exposed to the constant pressure to have their mind taken over in a trauma and fear based process that has been falsely protected by the incessant claims of Catholics just as the Holy See is claiming today about the rights of the child at the UN they claim it is an infringement on their right to practice their religion no matter how horrible and harmful to children that may be.

These would be the minimum we would do for our children yet not a Churchman can see those needs of the children.

It appears as though the only sector in society who has given real thought and real time to the real needs and rights of children comes exclusively from outside any body or organization that claims to be a religion or a supporter of religion.

It is not folklore that I have said "There are no better educated minds in regards the prevention and survival of sexual abuse than those who have both prevented and survived." and like a growing number of survivors who have educated themselves outside of the mainstream (don't act surprised - due to the failures cited above including academic and training university level failures) to a great extent are still not acknowledged for the essential knowledge and experience they can bring to the Royal Commission.

It has been noted that Justice Peter McClellan has on several occasions made reference to the lack of engagement with survivors (he actually refers to them as victims. Folklorists claim that is meant to mean a victim of the system as being a victim of the coverup is so toxic and deadly for so many that it is only correct to refer to those of us alive today as survivors - I get a bit "thingy" about that and wonder if it may be another of those toxic religious hangovers that I am yet to shed. I suppose I should be grateful they can no longer burn us at the stake or cut our tongues out as they did many years ago for centuries - just like Community services and the Catholic Church it is all up front and running just fine today, we know better).

Moving into its second year the Royal Commission still has much headway to make.



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"How can anyone believe in a God whose servants abuse children and whose hierarchy protects the abuser?"

Myth #2 - Most sexual abuse of boys is perpetrated by homosexual males.

Pedophiles who molest boys are not expressing a homosexual orientation any more than pedophiles who molest girls are practicing heterosexual behaviors. While many child molesters have gender and/or age preferences, of those who seek out boys, the vast majority are not homosexual. They are pedophiles.

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